Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Creative team news

There two new stores opening for Creative teams I am on and they are having sales this weekend.
Come and check it out.
I am also hosting my very first Fontabulous Challenge at http://www.justtherightscrap.com/. If you complete all the challenges you get a free kit.

Monday, July 30, 2007

A new layout using Andrea By Baers Garten Designs at Elemental Scraps
Last week I did Christian pictures. I have been catching up on some Liam Pictures.
BTW: The bread is incredible.

Night of many disasters

Today I finished Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. This was a great book and it has really inspired me to try to eat local (not too hard in the Pacific Northwest), to try to keep working on the garden and always keep striving for great original meals for my family.

I had the third item in mind tonight when I overcame the desire to get takeout and cook a meal for the kids. I cut up an organic cucumber for the boys and I to snack on while I cooked. I started my second loaf of bread, we ate the first loaf this afternoon. (mostly David and the boys). While I was trying to measure out the ingredients for the bread, Liam was screaming because he wanted another sippy cup of milk, but he had already had his 32 oz. I was so distracted, I got receipes mixed up, had to dump out my first attempt and try again. It is in the machine now and looks good. I will know in about an hour and a half.

After I finished starting the bread, I decide to make a spinach, onion fritatta. I have been cutting up the organic local onions...Walla Walla and such and taking what I need for recipes and freezing the rest, so I always have quick onions on hand. I started the frittata and it was beautiful, but I forgot to grind some fresh pepper on it, so I opened the oven an when I went to grind the pepper, the grinder broke open and peppercorns flew everywhere, my frittata, in the oven, on the element and of course all over my newly swept floor.

I finished baking the frittata and took it out and served it to the boys. Every bite I took had a whole peppercorn. I love pepper, but come on!

Now....It was time for take out, I called Pepinos, which is my "place" and ordered the steak potato-chipolte burrito for me and the quesadilla kids meal for the boys. (Christian eats the quesadilla and Liam eats the beans and rice and they share the tortilla chips). We drove over there, picked up our food and drove home and when I opened the bag, I had two burritos and they were not even the burrito, I wanted. I called them and they realized the error and said, if I go down they will give me what I want. Liam was close to his bed time, so I did not want to go out again. At some point I also crashed my little toe into a kids toy and it still hurts. I was so frustrated and did not think I was going to hold on much longer when miracle happened. Liam started falling asleep at the table while he was eating nacho chips. I took him away from the table, put on a fresh diaper and his pajamas and put him in his room. He was asleep in about two minutes.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday recap

We had a quiet Saturday. When I say quiet, I mean lack of activity, not noise level. When they boys are home together a lot, they have been fighting quite a bit lately. Christian has a day camp coming up in August. It would be good to get them into seperate places. I might try taking them each out alone next week to try to relieve some of the tension.
I bought the boys a couple of stuffed animals at Ikea yesturday and the snake it is family favorite. The boys spent a lot of time playing with it and Christian likes to sing Shel Silverstein's "I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor" while he plays with it.
I did a couple layouts today using Mia and Jack by Baers Garten Designs.
I also posted a picture of the new chicks.

Header Credits

I am working on building the blog, but I can't forget to give credit for my header
Bears Garten Desigsn Melanie
Flowers: Chloe, Lily & Anne

Friday, July 27, 2007

New blog, new locations

I am switching to blogger, since it has more snazzy features then msn.

You can go to michelle's blog to see my last years worth of blogging. I will move my links gallery and lists over here as time allows. I will be updating to this blog.