Wednesday, April 30, 2008

free ice cream day

Yesturday was free ice cream day at our local Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Shop. Free ice cream day seems to fall on a rainy day every year. I took Chritian there last year and it poured. This year he knew that the would get ice cream, but he might get wet and he was emotionally prepared.
The line was very long, so I put Liam on his leash, but he behaved better then he ever has waiting in a line. When someone would come out of the store with their ice cream, he would longingly watch them.
When we finally got in, I had a hard time explaining to Christian that he could only have one scoop. He wanted strawberry and chocolate. I ordered fundge brownie for him. Liam got Phish Food and I tried 7-layer coconut bar (too good, two thumbs up). I have to say that one way to keep Liam quiet and in one spot is to put an ice cream cone in his hand. He was so focused on that ice cream, he was not going anywhere.

I checked out this new freezer cookbook, that I heard about on Manic Mommies, from the library. I went on my big bi-weekly shopping trip and bought ingrededients for three recipes today. Those large vats of meat from Costco are expensive.
I came home and put together the recipe for Cranberry-Apple Pork Tenderloin. I bought an eight-pound tenderloin and cut it up in thirds. I decided to cook up one serving (in the oven now) and then follow the instructions to freeze the other two. So I have dinner in the oven and two more meals freezing. I am going to try another recipe tommorow and if I like them I will post one here with an "offical review" of the book.
The idea of buying in bulk and taking a couple of hours every two weeks to put recipes together appeals to me. Not only do we have food ready to prepare quickly, but I also always have meals ready if I get a call from church saying someone needs food.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My first blinkie and dinner time

I needed to take a little break yesturday from doing layouts. So I decided to play around with something new and made my very first blinkie! I just used brushes to make it. Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman and Flowers by Sandy Krieger.
I have now my blog link in the forums has a blinkie. I have some other ideas swirling around in my head so stay tuned.

Having you been wanting to try a chipboard or acrylic hybrid project, but dont know where to go to get supplies? Stop by Elemental Scraps and see what's new. Look in the store under new products. My Mod Podge bottle is just bursting with excitement. I am also going shopping for a better exacto-like cutting tool this week.
On to family news...
My family, like many families has a rule. You have to eat your dinner if you want dessert. We are consistent with this rule. Rain, shine, Christmas or just a normal day the rule is the same.
We don't eat dessert every night and maybe that's our problem.
Liam just doesn't get it. For a while we were saying, "When you food is gone, we will give you dessert". He would go and dump is food in the garbage and say, "all done".
We thought about this and realized the problem was in our phrasing so we switched to "When you EAT all your dinner, we will give you dessert".
Now we just get crying, screaming, Liam going into his room and throwing toys, but he still will not finish his dinner. (Often as easy as eating two apple slices).
We do not give the kids large portion sizes. We start small and give seconds when requested. I also feel that if you are not hungry enough to eat your dinner, then you are not hungry enough for dessert.
Christian will sometimes just forego dessert because he does not like what we made for dinner. He just shrugs his shoulders and walks away from the table.
I have been listening to some Parenting with Love and Logic programs and I know that Liam's initial reaction is much more normal then Christian's. Liam seems to just lock down and hold on to his decision not to eat no matter what and he still seems to think we will change our mind and cancel the rule.
I have the CD on dealing with power struggles coming from the library soon, maybe that will have some nuggets of wisdom.
Until then, I am glad that I did not give in on Christmas day even though I looked stern and brutal to others while I enjoyed my dessert and Liam screamed and cried. It may take several Christmas dinners for Liam to get this one. But David and I will stand firm. Eat your Dinner if you want dessert.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sad news from the fish tank (vase)

Christian's goldfish passed away this morning (was taken to heaven, if you ask Christian. Yesturday, Christian noticed that his fish was laying on the bottom of the vase. David poked him with a chopstick and he started swimming around, but he looked like he had some kind of fish stroke. He was swmimming on the side and using one fin.
Christian was very upset and was crying. We told him he could have Liam's fish (Liam doesn't really know the difference). Nothering could console him. I called down to Starbucks and found out my friend Allison was working. We drove down, got Christian a hot chocolate and he got a hug from Allie and he was all better. (He has a crush on Allie).
When he got home, he told us he would let Liam's fish be his.
This morning the fish was not moving, so when Christian was busy and not watching, David took the fish on his final journey to our toilet. Christian noticed the fish was missing so David told him that the fish was taken to heaven. A kind of sea-life rapture.
Well, it was a nice weekend with the fish. We will see if Liam's fish makes it. If it lives for a couple of weeks, we will get that fish a couple of friends.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

school plans for next year

We got our letter from Portland Public school yesturday and Christian did not get a spot in any of the programs that we applied for. We were originally going to homeschool, but thought we would at least try to get him a spot in the Japanese immersion program, since we couldn't change our mind in a few years try to put him in that later.
We will homeschool Christian for Kindergarten and Liam for pre-school next year and I will include Japanese in the studies. If we still want to do the Japanese program, we can apply to get Christian in for first grade. I am going to call the school this week and ask them what they would like to see him study to be ready for first grade. I might also call the Japanese church and see if they have any Japanese homeschool familes and maybe we swap Japanese help with English help.
In some ways I am relieved that we will not do the Japanese program next year.
1. We will save a ton on money paying it ould have cost for the full-day kindergarten.
2. We will enjoy a more flexible schedule and will be able to go on trips when school is in session, which works better with David's job and work schedule.
3. (This is a big one) No drop offs and pick ups! We only own one car. We don't plan to buy another car. My riding my bike to work has really helped things out, but, I look forward to walking to our kitchen table for the morning commute.
4. No packing lunches. I have read too much about what goes in to school food and have bad memories of my school lunches, so I would have to pack lunches, but then you have the rules, the food allergy rules (no peanut butter) and a fussy eater. We can just fix them lunch and toss it to them at home.
5. No homework. We will make sure everything is taught and accomplished during our homeschool time. It seems that homework becomes the parent's problem from what I hear.
6. Once the work is done, its done. If Christian works hard and gets all his work done on Thursday, we can take Friday off and go do something fun.
I know we will face many new challenges with homeschooling, but we can face them in or pajamas if we want.
My biggest weakness in approaching this - organization (not my gift)
I made a couple of cards yesturday. They are not for any specific occastion, just a couple birthday cards to have on hand.
I used:
My boy by Mercas Designs
Text paths by ShellyRae Custbert for this

I used:
A touch of Whimsy by Sherri Tierney
Curvy Text path by ShellyRae Custbert

Saturday, April 26, 2008

more pets

We have cats and chickens. Most people would think this is enough, but no, why not add something more to the mix. Say....goldfish.
The boys and I went to a carnival at one of the local grade schools. Starbucks was helping with it. They had one game where the prize was a goldfish, and Christian really wanted one.
The game involved throwing a ball in a glass of water. I personally could not throw or catch a ball to save my life. Since this game was designed for older kids, I was afraid that he might be disappointed.
We were standing in the line, waiting to play the game and I said, "too bad daddy is not here, he could win you a goldfish".
There was a lady that I recognize as a customer from Starbucks and she looked at me and said snidely, "Maybe they could win their own goldfish."
Let me start by saying that Christian did win a goldfish all by himself and I am proud of him. Liam got a pity win, but he's three.
Now for my little rant...I was not beating my kids, giving them drugs, verbally abusing them or pushing them into a busy highway. Therefore, what I say and do with my kids is not the business of anyone except David and I. For the record, David and I do not believe in entitlement. David works at the county jail and has been yelled at by parents after their precious children have been pulled over for DUI and said the police must have made a mistake on the breath test. I do know that at 3 and 5 the boys are not quite old enough to do serious competitive play and don't really get the concept.
I also like to just take time to to praise David and let the boys know that he is special. I might be able to bake cakes or take good pictures, but there are many things David can do that I am not good at and I think it is important for the boys to hear that. I was also just being playful and priasing David.
I remember when I was ten years old, my family was on vacation in Southern Ca. and my father played a game at Knotts Berry Farm and won a big teddy bear for me. I have no idea what ever happened to the bear, but 28 years later, I still remember what my dad did and it is a special memory.
We don't give into our kid's every whim. They were begging for popcorn last night, but I told them that they just ate dinner and didn't need anything. We played the cake walk and lost and we did not throw ourselves on the floor and demand a re-play, we just moved on. I just saw that there was small thing that meant a lot to my little boy and I wanted him to have a chance.
As for that lady, next time she comes into Starbucks...someone's getting decaf!
The boys love their fish. We set them up in a Ikea vase for the time being and will get a bowl later this week. I did realize later last night that we need to go out and buy fish food.
Christian told me that he learned how to feed fish watching Mr. Rogers.
Here are my layouts
I did this layout for the Pimp it Up Challenge at Elemental Scraps
I used:
Chasing Rainbows by Marianne Wahlberg
Got Brackets & Brackety Brights by Becki Kress

I used:
Birds in a Tree by Madame Mim
Quite Contrary by Anna Benjamin
Fence by Jen Ulaseiwicz

Maybe we can have a rant-free post tommorow.

Friday, April 25, 2008

story time

This morning David and I talked Liam into putting his helmet on and getting in his seat on my bike. He started having a meltdown when it was really time to go, so we just strapped him in and I started riding. I knew he would calm down soon since he was so close to me and he was moving. (Two things he likes). I was so busy trying to get him ready, put him in his seat and get all the adjustments made that I forgot my own helmet. I realized my error when we were close to the library. (bad mommy!) Everything went well except for one time when Laim started kicking my legs. It kind of freaked me out and I yelled for him to stop and he did not try it again.
We went to the library, looked at books, and went to storytime. We have not been to storytime for a while since Liam does not like to sit quietly and cooperate. He is 3 1/2 and I think he is old enough to start learning sit down, follow instrucionts, and do group activities. The library is close-by and story time is free; therefore it is a good starting point.
Other then Liam's energy level, there is one drawback: The other mothers. I find that having a spirited, high-energy child, that it is difficult to be among mothers who's children appear to be perfect. There was one mother, who's sons must be perfectly well behaved all the time who glared at me a lot and got upset with Liam. When we were still out looking at books, Liam was running around the library. I caught him and explained that he needed to sit down and look at books. This lady was reading to her son when I did this. Her son stopped paying attention to her story and started watching Liam and I. She seemed to get upset and she tried to get him to pay attnention to her. I tried to keep Liam in one spot during story time, but he escaped and ran around a couple of times. He spent most of the actual story-time rolling around and contorting his body. He was not bothering other kids and he was close enough to one spot for me. During art time, he decided he wanted to gather up all the pens that other kids were using and he accidently stepped on the artwork of the aforementioned mother's child and she curtly asked him to get off. If she wasn't so uptight, I might have felt bad. When people act that way, I almost want to encourage Liam's behavior. He is almost like my secret weapon.
Liam did love parachute time and did very well on that activity.
I also took Christian out for chocolate milk at a coffee shop by his school. There must be something in the Y chromosome where when you go out to coffee, sit down and look at each other, all conversation dries up. Christian talks non-stop all the time, which is why I thought this outing might be good, since I could devote all my attention to him. He just wanted to drink his milk and eat his bagel. We also had a nice little walk to the school, since I was not going to drive the car 8 blocks on a nice day.
Here is today's layout.
I used My boy by Mercas Designs at Designs in Digital.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Favorite You Tube Videos

Here our families' favorite youtube videos.
I was watching a show on PBS the other night about invasive species and they showed this commercial and were talking about how eliminating invasive species is like dealing with litter 30 years ago. They showed this commercial.
This commercial just cracks me up. It is very politically incorrect. I was also thinking that Native Americans might be thinking...First you give us small pox, take our land and break all the treaties and now you're tossing trash at our feet.

This is one of the boys favorites:

This one cracks me up:

This is one David likes:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

beans n rice

On Monday's we often call an order into our favorite Mexican restaurant and pick up dinner there after I get my tips from Starbucks.
I order the Steak Potato Burrito and I get a kids Quesadilla Chica meal for the boys. Christian likes the quesadilla and Liam eats the beans and rice.
We got our food and drove home last night. I served food to everyone and Laim sucked his beans and rice down. Now, keep in mind, Liam loves beans. I really need to improve my crock pot bean techniques to get the spices and texture right. The one draw back to beans and rice is the "cleansing" effect they have. They are very high in fiber. I am thankful that the cleansing did not begin until after I put on Liam's diaper after his bath before bed. Within two hours of dinner he had not one, but two bowel movements.
I bought him some beans from the deli section at New Seasons last week, which he sucked down. The next day we had the same problem.
Maybe I should lie off the beans until we are potty trained.
On to scrapping news...
I wrote about an upcoming project yesturday...I checked and I can drop a little hint.
Something big is going to happen soon at Elemental Scraps and I am just pumped to be involved. Visit often and stay tuned. I will try to drop more hints and they come up.

This is my second layout with Bugs N Grubs by Lindsay Jane Designs
I took this picture in the Pacific Northwest Pond display at Woodland Park Zoo. When we walked in, there was his huge bird and I pointed to it and said that one of the birds must have got out of the Africa exibit and flown over. David pointed out that the bird was a heron. We see them often down at the coast, but they are usually far away. I also think zoos have nets to keep animals from flying out of their habitat.

I won my first blog drawing today. Juliana Gordon, drew my name to get the Potato bar at Polka Dot Potato. I am so excited. There lots of templates and I just love fun templates. Thanks Juliana

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm getting published!

Jo, the site owner at Elemental Scraps posted a publication call for Scrap N Art E Zine for layouts and I submitted a few of my layouts and they let me know that they wanted to publish one layouts for sure and may want a couple more. I had to pull the accepted layout from galleries and my blog, but I will post a link to the issue as soon as it is published. This is my first submission for publication, so I am too excited.
I also have another exciting scrapping project coming up...Stay tuned.
Life is pretty quiet around here or as quiet as it can be with three and five year old boys running loose.
I do have a prayer request for a freind from church, Karis. She had a heart attack yesturday. She is 40 (only two years older than I am) She has three kids ages 3-11. She is getting Angioplasty tommorow. She has always been very healty, so I think it was quite a shock. I know we will get a good update tommorow at Bible study.
Here is a layout -
I used:
Boy oh Boy by Doin it Digi
Ribbon: Tattered Lilly by Scrappin Nut
Both Designers from Designs in Digital

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here a layout using Bugs n Grubs by Lindsay Jane Designs


Yesturday afternoon, I decided to go on a short bike ride. I was getting the bike, jacket and iPod together and I needed my helmet. David and I looked all over the house and garage. We asked the boys if they took it and hid it in their room. Finally, I called the library and work, which were the last two places I went with my bike. It turns out that I left my helmet at work. I rode to the libary and back to our house without a clue that I did not have my helmet.
We never wore helmets while bicyling when I was growing up. I also never suffered a head injury from a bicyle accident or know of anyone who did. I know someone, somewhere did and that is why we use helmets now. When I was getting all the stuff for my bike, I thought for a moment...I don't need a helmet. Then I thought about how the kids are required the wear helmets and what a bad example I would set if did not wear one too.
So...yesturday, I took a ride on the wild side and rode down to Starbucks, picked up my helmet, enjoyed a latte are read a bit of the New York Times and returned home with my helmet on.
I timed my ride down and even taking back roads, it took 13 minutes to get down there. It takes me about seven minutes to drive. There is not much difference in times.
I watched Letters from Iwo Jima last night. This a movie Clint Eastwood made with Flags of our Fathers to tell the story from the Japanese perspective. It was the most depressing movie. Needless to say, almost everyone dies. When we look at the big picture it is easy to realize that the battle was a futile joke for the Japanese. They were going to lose the war. I don't know how realistic the portrayal of how the Japanese approached battle is in the movie, but I don't think that running across an field where the enemy is shooting at you - yelling "Banzai" is a military tactic many would suggest. I also don't understand why retreating was considered so bad by many people. The Americans retreated during the early days of the war, re-grouped, and went on to win the war.
Here is a layout I did using some of Gretchen Tripp's Designs.
Kit: Fruit of the Spirit - Self Control (I thought I might get some if I scrapped with it)
Photo Templates 7
Chrome Words
Funky Mats 12x12 by Lucky Smith

I did this layout for the Flip It, Flip It Good Challenge at Elemental Scraps
Lindsay Jane Designs has a New Kit...Fresh of the presses. Bugs N Grubs, available at Scrapbook-Bytes. I just downloaded it and will be back later with my layout.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

biker chick

I rode my bike to work yesturday morning. I was trying to go kind of fast since I did not know how long it would take. It made me very tired and sore. I was so greatful to get to the top of the hill and get to just coast the last few blocks. I decided to ride over to the library after work and then go home. I survied the ride. It only takes me a few minutes more to ride then it does to drive and I burn a few calories and do not use gas.
It is supposed to snow today (which is sick and un-natural) so I want to get out and ride a bit, but we will have to wait and see. I figure that if I try to ride for about 15-30 minutes a day to build up muscles so I can venture out further. We have a lot of hills and I don't know if I will ever get used to them. I grew up on top of a hill and the only time I could ride my bike up the steep hills was in junior high when I figure skated almost every day and was taking gymnastics too. I don't really have the free time to reach that level of physical fitness.
Speaking of figure skating - I took Christian ice skating on Thursday. He is not open to trying new things, so he only took one trip around the rink. I think we need to get him some tube socks, so the skates don't hurt him. This was my first time on the ice since 1994. The first time around was rough, but then I got my bearings. I think Christian enjoyed watching the Zambonie more then skating.
Liam is make steady progress in with potty training. He is doing great with the who potty thing, we just need to get the more complicated projects down. Everything I have read and heard say that it takes several weeks more to master bowel movements. I am glad that he is willing to try. I am also glad that we have a new dryer since we have to wash underwear and the bathroom rug a lot.
May 26 is the 5 year anniversery of our picking up Christian in Korea. I think it is very realistic to beleive that Liam will be potty trained before that - so we will come in just under five years of diapers.

Leslie Bodah is my assinged designer at Elemental Scraps this month. Here is my layout featuring her goodies. I used Round and Round we Go Stitched Series, The Essentials - Dots & Solids and Spilled Glitter, Vol. 1. I also used Bracketeering 2 by Rachel Martin. This layout is my contribution to the Font Jaunt Challenge at Elemental Scraps

I used Sweet Boy Kisses by Pyralis Designs at 3scrapateers

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I bought bikes for Christian and I on Tuesday. I found a used bike for myself at Goodwill for 39.99 and Christian got a new bike. I also had to buy helmets, I picked up a child carrier seat for Laim and I needed a tire pump as well. I also want to ride my bike to work which is in the dark, so I have to buy reflector tape and a light. We had to get bike locks and I need a backpack to get my stuff to work. Getting bikes is expensive. David also needs a new bike and I would like to get something for Liam.
Christian is totally ready for a bike with training wheels. We went to the library Tuesday and he had his maiden outing. He did great.
I have not been on a bike since 1989 and when I took a trail run out on my street, it was obvious. I decided that I need to take a few trips around the block and to work before I try putting Liam on the back. David is putting the final touches on the childseat right now and we have to get the seat right and I will go take a little ride this morning alone. When I say ride, I mean like Brady Bunch ride up and down my street. Portland has some wonderful bike trails and it will be fun to get the family on them.

I am the family photographer, so we will not have any pictures of the hall of shame known as my getting re-aquainted with bicyling.
Here is another layout I did with Liam playing in the compost bin. I used Boy Oh Boy by Doin in Digi at Designs in Digital.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

compost and glue

We had a warm, sunny weekend. The boys enjoyed playing outside. I had to stay in the house most of the time because my allergies were so bad. We also continued on with the potty training. It was harder to get Liam in to the house to use the potty when he was playing outside. Yesturday we were back to rain, so we used the old orange juice/m&m method. We let him drink as much juice as he wants. Take him to the potty every 20 minutes and give him a M & M each time he went potty in the toilet. We had many more sucsess stories then accidents. When the timer goes off, Liam usually comes and grabs my hand and walks to the bathroom.
I worked in Christian's Sunday school class on Sunday. It is fun to watch Christian and his friends interact. I need to take a camera next month and get some pictures. The boys like to start by building rockets with Duplos and then when they get bored with that, they have started going to the play kitchen and hanging out in there. It makes me think that if the Power Rangers had a bachelor pad, this is what it would be like.
During the weekend, I brought home several bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks and dumped them in our compost bins. Liam was so excited to have fresh materials. He scooped and spread most of it around our yard, loaded all his Bob the Builder toys in the compost bin, then climbed in himself. On Friday, I pulled him out immediately, but on Saturday, I gave up and just let him play in there. That is why we have a bath tub and use it often.
I did a couple layouts and a few hybrid projects this weekend.
I used Harmony by MGL Scraps, Breathe Easy by Valorie Brown and Bracketeering one and two by Rachel Martin. I used Jen Caputo's Stacking & Paper Fold Action and an Aluminum Foil layering style by Amanda Geils

I made this door hanger for the Scissors & Bandaids Challenge at Elemental Scraps. I used In Mom's Washer by Little Miss Liz & Cars Go Beep Beep by Becki Kress

I made this Bracket Album from pictures from a friend's baby shower. I used the pre-made bracket album quick pages from Spring's Hope - The Elemental Scraps April Collab. Kit. I bought the chipboard bracket album and a local scrapbook store. I am going back today to buy a chipboard luggage tag album

I made a paper bag album and a layout using Lindsay Jane Designs' Birthday, Inc.. I love the paper bag album. I have tons of paper lunch bags in my garage like many people, so the initial investment to start this is small. I just made templates, printed up papers and elements and put it together with a glue stick.

Here are some pictures and the story of Liams tryst in the compost bin. I used Get Dirty by Sweet Digi Scraps & Dirty Boy by Becki Kress. I also used a new paper tear action I just got from Atomic Cupcake and the Down and Dirty Layering styles by Misty Cato

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Thursday

Some Stats:
pairs of underwear Liam wore yesturday - 6 (for those from ES I forgot about the bm accident in the morning)
number of times the toilet overflowed - 1
had a half poop - started in underwear headed to bathroom to finish job got poop all over toilet. Reason for above issue.

The boys went to the doctor for their shots & exams
Liam had a temper tantrum when they asked us to take off his clothes and put on a gown. He freaked over taking his blood pressure. Urinated all over the office.
Christian was calm until the needles came out, he freaked and kicked me in the shin HARD (still hurts today).

I was working on a couple hybrid scrapbooking projects and when I went back to our room Liam mod podged my iPod. (it seems to come off easily)

Today is a bright, sunny day. Liam is outside playing and can pee on the lawn and not on the floor.

I used Daisy Fantaisy by Liz Thompson, Template by Janet Phillips, Vase - Stephanie O'Neil & Flowers by Anna Benjamin

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Migraines & Potty training (not related)

On Tuesday, I had the worst Migraine I have had in years. David stayed home from work (since I could not even enter a room with light) and I asked him to call our health care provider to get me some Imitrex. He made the call and brought the phone in to me and the receptionist asked me from a scale of 1 - 10 how would I rate my headache. I hate this question. I remember them asking me this when I was in labor with Liam. I want to answer that I am in too much pain to answer a 1 - 10 scale question.
How do you rate pain? My freind Meagan told me that I probably have had 10 pain, but I think of 10 as the pain that occurs when someone is sawing my head in two with a chain saw. Is this scale for pain I have experienced or pain that is possible in the world. The problem is that whenever someone asks me this question, I am in too much pain to parse it out and ask for clarification.
The nurse observed that I have not sought out treatment for a headache in five years, so I think it would be safe to assume that it is the worse headache I have had in five years.
I am thankful that the headache started improving before I had to go get an Imitrex shot, since that involves projectile vomiting. I was in so much pain that I did not mind getting a shot or projectile vomiting. What number is that on the pain scale?
I woke up yesturday and my body was in SOOO much pain. I remember feeling the same way the day after Liam was born. I must tense up a lot when I am in extreeme pain. I guess I could call the nurse up and say that the intensity is close to labor pain. What number is that?
I took the diapers away from Liam yesturday. He cried and carried on for a while then just went in and sat on the toilet by himself and had a bowel movement. He is still "leaking" around the house, but he has a towel and wipes it up himself. Christian put up a much bigger fight when I took his diapers away. He held it for most of the day.
The boys have their check ups today and that is our only outing. I hope we have enough underwear to keep up with Liam.
Christian seems to have a case of the teenagers today. He told me that I needed to let Liam just go to the bathroom on his own and stay out of it this morning. I may not be a potty training "expert", but I bet I am a bit more knowledgeable than a five year old. He is in his room for a time out for hitting Liam and he stomped back and slammed the door when we sent him there.
I foolishly told Christian that he is getting shots today when I scheduled the appointment. I guess that shock and awe is the best approach for this age group. I don't think he will need booster shots as much from here on out.
Here are some recent layouts:

I did this layout for the It's Elementary, My Dear Scrapper at Elemental Scraps. In this challenge you get a free quickpage and then you need to tweak it and make it special. Rachel Martin was kind enough to provide the first quickpage. I also used In Mom's Washer by Little Miss Liz, Mere Whimsy by Stephanie Ogren, Felt Critters No. 1 & Stitched Alpha by Becki Kress

Issandra is one of the newest designers at Elemental Scraps and her designs are great. I chose Happy Kiss from her store. Check out all her designs, they are great.

I did this layout for the Twisted Template Challenge at 3scrapateers. Jill aka Pyralis Designs created a template and the challenge is to tweak the template. I used Childhood Dreams, Painted Summer, True Colors & Groovilicious by Pyralis Designs.

Monday, April 7, 2008


I have heard some stories about families out-sourcing difficult parental duties and I just read a little blurb over at Mommy track'd. Parents sometimes bring in specialists to potty train kids or help the kids work through sleep issues. Liam is 3 1/2 and seems to have no desire to potty train. David and I seem to be too inadequate to potty train so if anyone would like to get us a gift certificate for one of these potty training specialists, I would love to out-source that task. He shows no desire to work with us, maybe he would potty train for a stranger
Here are two layouts I did
I used Childhood Dreams by Pyralis Designs at 3Scrapateers for this layout

I used Bon Voyage by Dielle at Designs in Digital

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yesteday, David was getting Christian ready for school (I was at work) when Christian starting throwing up. After the second trip to the bathroom, David told Christian that he had to stay home from school. This is Christian's first sick day after almost two years of preschool. Christian did not take it well and was crying and demanding that he was not sick. When I came home from work, David told me that Christian was resting is his room and he was sick with the stomach flu and Christian yelled out, "I am not sick". He did not throw up for the rest of the day and seems to be feeling fine today.
Here are some layouts
I used Lindsay Jane's Birthday Grab bag

On Thursday we drove down to the Tulip Festival and here are a couple layouts
I used Dreams in Color - The Complete Collection. This layout is my Flip it Flip it Good challenge layout at Elemental Scraps

I used Painted Spring by Pyralis Designs

Pyralis Designs is having a 29% off Sale at her store at 3scrapateers in honor of her 29th birthday through the month of April

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Motherhood is like a bagette

On my last trip to the organic grocery to check for free stuff, I grabbed a bagette. This morning Christian kept saying that Liam was in the bread. I thought he was in the molasses bread I baked last night, but he was eating the bagette. I told Christian that they could both eat as much of the bagette as they wish. (it was free). I was working on the computer and David was in the kitchen. I asked how things were going out there and David said they were both eating the bagette. I asked if they broke it in half. David said, no they are eating it from both ends. I grabbed the camera and ran out to get pictures.
I have to say that the bread is a symbol for how I often feel as a mother.
Here are two more layouts I did with pictures from Seattle
This first layout is what I did for The Font Jaunt that I am hosting at Elemental Scraps. I used Dreams in Color the complete colletion by MGL Designs. You can either buy the individual colors for $2.50 a kit or the complete set of colors for $15.00 while they are on sale for 50% at Elemental Scraps. The glitter layering style is by Amanda Geils

This is a layout using items from Lindsay Jane's Birthday Grab Bag. I have been invited to be a permanent member of her Creative team. I am excited. I have loved her work since I saw her early work a little more then a year ago.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I love fonts. Long ago when I worked as an Admin assistant and Executive assistant, I would always try to break through the Times New Roman ceiling and spice up office correspondance with a frisky new fonts like Comic Sans. I usually wanted get away from producing memos and work in black which is also sooooo done. I have been liberated from the office and I am now doing my work for a team of one, so I can use what ever font I chose and color and paper and shapes and stitching.
I am hosting the font challenge at Elemental Scraps. Drop by, join in and break out of the box.
I used Tattered Lillies by Scrappin Nut Designs, Template & Word Boxes by Chantal at Designs in Digital

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

frame problems

I went to Ikea about 6 weeks ago and bought some frames. I designed some work for the frames and one piece was so big I had to order it from Shutterfly. Yesturday, it finally came. I brought it into my bedroom so excited to get into the frame. I grabbed the frame, which had been sitting safely behind our dresser, opened it up and got ready to put the picture it. The frame was broken! The corner looked like a termite had eaten it. I also had two broken frames in the garage that David and Christian knocked off the walls. I was not going to return those, but since the one frame had problems without our even touching, I decided that they were all going back.
We drove to Ikea and exchanged the frames. On the way out the door, I stopped by the As Is section (my favorite) They had a basket with pillows and a comforter that had been used as display. The pillows were $5.00 each and the comforter was $10.00. The comforter is faux down, but for $10.00 and since it is washable, unlike down, who am I to complain. I also found a pillow case in the set I am try to build up. So far I have a fitted sheet and pillow case.
Elemental Scraps is getting a new look! The shop is not quite open, but should be up and running later today. The forum, blog and gallery are all on line
Here are two layouts I did using the April Collab Kit Spring's Hope. I will put links in later today when the store is open.
We were having a discussion about fairy layouts in the forum and since I don't have daughters, I did a fairy layout with my cat Tiglet.

I went to my friend Meagan's baby shower on Saturday.

I used Daisy Fantaisy by Liz Thompson & Impressions of Peace, the March Scrapbook Graphics Collab kit for this layout. The curl template is by Helen Jole at NSDIB

This layout uses Back Spin and Bracketeering 2 by Rachel Martin which will be available in the next couple of hours at Elemental Scraps. I posted a thread begging for some bracket stitching in the forum and Rachel created Bracketeering and Bracketeering 2 in response. Thanks Rachel.