Tuesday, April 1, 2008

frame problems

I went to Ikea about 6 weeks ago and bought some frames. I designed some work for the frames and one piece was so big I had to order it from Shutterfly. Yesturday, it finally came. I brought it into my bedroom so excited to get into the frame. I grabbed the frame, which had been sitting safely behind our dresser, opened it up and got ready to put the picture it. The frame was broken! The corner looked like a termite had eaten it. I also had two broken frames in the garage that David and Christian knocked off the walls. I was not going to return those, but since the one frame had problems without our even touching, I decided that they were all going back.
We drove to Ikea and exchanged the frames. On the way out the door, I stopped by the As Is section (my favorite) They had a basket with pillows and a comforter that had been used as display. The pillows were $5.00 each and the comforter was $10.00. The comforter is faux down, but for $10.00 and since it is washable, unlike down, who am I to complain. I also found a pillow case in the set I am try to build up. So far I have a fitted sheet and pillow case.
Elemental Scraps is getting a new look! The shop is not quite open, but should be up and running later today. The forum, blog and gallery are all on line
Here are two layouts I did using the April Collab Kit Spring's Hope. I will put links in later today when the store is open.
We were having a discussion about fairy layouts in the forum and since I don't have daughters, I did a fairy layout with my cat Tiglet.

I went to my friend Meagan's baby shower on Saturday.

I used Daisy Fantaisy by Liz Thompson & Impressions of Peace, the March Scrapbook Graphics Collab kit for this layout. The curl template is by Helen Jole at NSDIB

This layout uses Back Spin and Bracketeering 2 by Rachel Martin which will be available in the next couple of hours at Elemental Scraps. I posted a thread begging for some bracket stitching in the forum and Rachel created Bracketeering and Bracketeering 2 in response. Thanks Rachel.


Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Isn't that just frustrating to get home with something and find out it's broken and you have to take it back, but good thing huh - cause you got a deal!! Love your layouts - thanks for sharing!! :)

tracey said...

i hate opening something and finding that it's broken. the layouts look great!

Char said...

LOVE the cat fairy - too funny! Off to see Elemental Scraps new look...

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

I love Ikea! I wish I had one nearby. The closest one is like an hour away. :(
I love your LOs. Very pretty!

AfriDigiDiva said...

You really know how to work do a layout! Awesome work!

DawnMarch said...

Your cat layout is SOOOOO cute!!

I love IKEA, but they definitely have some quality (and durability) issues!