Saturday, April 19, 2008

biker chick

I rode my bike to work yesturday morning. I was trying to go kind of fast since I did not know how long it would take. It made me very tired and sore. I was so greatful to get to the top of the hill and get to just coast the last few blocks. I decided to ride over to the library after work and then go home. I survied the ride. It only takes me a few minutes more to ride then it does to drive and I burn a few calories and do not use gas.
It is supposed to snow today (which is sick and un-natural) so I want to get out and ride a bit, but we will have to wait and see. I figure that if I try to ride for about 15-30 minutes a day to build up muscles so I can venture out further. We have a lot of hills and I don't know if I will ever get used to them. I grew up on top of a hill and the only time I could ride my bike up the steep hills was in junior high when I figure skated almost every day and was taking gymnastics too. I don't really have the free time to reach that level of physical fitness.
Speaking of figure skating - I took Christian ice skating on Thursday. He is not open to trying new things, so he only took one trip around the rink. I think we need to get him some tube socks, so the skates don't hurt him. This was my first time on the ice since 1994. The first time around was rough, but then I got my bearings. I think Christian enjoyed watching the Zambonie more then skating.
Liam is make steady progress in with potty training. He is doing great with the who potty thing, we just need to get the more complicated projects down. Everything I have read and heard say that it takes several weeks more to master bowel movements. I am glad that he is willing to try. I am also glad that we have a new dryer since we have to wash underwear and the bathroom rug a lot.
May 26 is the 5 year anniversery of our picking up Christian in Korea. I think it is very realistic to beleive that Liam will be potty trained before that - so we will come in just under five years of diapers.

Leslie Bodah is my assinged designer at Elemental Scraps this month. Here is my layout featuring her goodies. I used Round and Round we Go Stitched Series, The Essentials - Dots & Solids and Spilled Glitter, Vol. 1. I also used Bracketeering 2 by Rachel Martin. This layout is my contribution to the Font Jaunt Challenge at Elemental Scraps

I used Sweet Boy Kisses by Pyralis Designs at 3scrapateers


Barb said...

Good for you for riding your bike! I wish I had a bike and I hadn't thought about Goodwill. Great idea! I might try that. Thanks for the inspiration today :-)

Juliana said...

Great job on the biking! It isn't as much an option for me, but we live so close to work, DH might start biking.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

movefearlessly said...

hurray for you! you'll be amazed at how quickly your endurance and strength will increase! love those layouts - they're gorgeous!

Char said...

Kudos to you for the bike riding - I could never do it. And are you planning anything special for the 5th anniversary? We have "gotcha" day here every year on May 13th, but I didn't have to go nearly as far to pick up my kiddo as you did. :-)

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

Way to go on the biking =) you are a true northwesterner now! That's what I so miss. Its too far to bike for travel purposes here since everything is so spread out. We go to the park on our bikes and that's about it.