Thursday, April 10, 2008

Migraines & Potty training (not related)

On Tuesday, I had the worst Migraine I have had in years. David stayed home from work (since I could not even enter a room with light) and I asked him to call our health care provider to get me some Imitrex. He made the call and brought the phone in to me and the receptionist asked me from a scale of 1 - 10 how would I rate my headache. I hate this question. I remember them asking me this when I was in labor with Liam. I want to answer that I am in too much pain to answer a 1 - 10 scale question.
How do you rate pain? My freind Meagan told me that I probably have had 10 pain, but I think of 10 as the pain that occurs when someone is sawing my head in two with a chain saw. Is this scale for pain I have experienced or pain that is possible in the world. The problem is that whenever someone asks me this question, I am in too much pain to parse it out and ask for clarification.
The nurse observed that I have not sought out treatment for a headache in five years, so I think it would be safe to assume that it is the worse headache I have had in five years.
I am thankful that the headache started improving before I had to go get an Imitrex shot, since that involves projectile vomiting. I was in so much pain that I did not mind getting a shot or projectile vomiting. What number is that on the pain scale?
I woke up yesturday and my body was in SOOO much pain. I remember feeling the same way the day after Liam was born. I must tense up a lot when I am in extreeme pain. I guess I could call the nurse up and say that the intensity is close to labor pain. What number is that?
I took the diapers away from Liam yesturday. He cried and carried on for a while then just went in and sat on the toilet by himself and had a bowel movement. He is still "leaking" around the house, but he has a towel and wipes it up himself. Christian put up a much bigger fight when I took his diapers away. He held it for most of the day.
The boys have their check ups today and that is our only outing. I hope we have enough underwear to keep up with Liam.
Christian seems to have a case of the teenagers today. He told me that I needed to let Liam just go to the bathroom on his own and stay out of it this morning. I may not be a potty training "expert", but I bet I am a bit more knowledgeable than a five year old. He is in his room for a time out for hitting Liam and he stomped back and slammed the door when we sent him there.
I foolishly told Christian that he is getting shots today when I scheduled the appointment. I guess that shock and awe is the best approach for this age group. I don't think he will need booster shots as much from here on out.
Here are some recent layouts:

I did this layout for the It's Elementary, My Dear Scrapper at Elemental Scraps. In this challenge you get a free quickpage and then you need to tweak it and make it special. Rachel Martin was kind enough to provide the first quickpage. I also used In Mom's Washer by Little Miss Liz, Mere Whimsy by Stephanie Ogren, Felt Critters No. 1 & Stitched Alpha by Becki Kress

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Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

Good luck with the potty training! Hope your head feels better.

Margie said...

I hate those kind of headaches and silly questions...if you hurt bad enough to call for something it obviously isn't a tylenol headache. Good luck with the potty training! I think that boys are easier than girls to train. Seems like he had a pretty good day 1. Loved looking at your beautiful pages!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Hate the rate the pain questions. Always answer 27 and that gives them an idea. You might want to try a pain management specialist for the migraines.

Good deal on the potty training.

Robin L said...

Im glad these two were not connected lol. I always say if it wasnt a 10 would I be there? I love Imitrex! Its my best friend. When I was in labor and asked that questin I said come here and Ill show you lol I hope potty training goes better for you and the shot arent to hard on the kids.

Char said...

OH, sorry about the horrible head-ache. I hate that pain scale thing too. Your layouts are super, thanks for sharing them!