Friday, April 25, 2008

story time

This morning David and I talked Liam into putting his helmet on and getting in his seat on my bike. He started having a meltdown when it was really time to go, so we just strapped him in and I started riding. I knew he would calm down soon since he was so close to me and he was moving. (Two things he likes). I was so busy trying to get him ready, put him in his seat and get all the adjustments made that I forgot my own helmet. I realized my error when we were close to the library. (bad mommy!) Everything went well except for one time when Laim started kicking my legs. It kind of freaked me out and I yelled for him to stop and he did not try it again.
We went to the library, looked at books, and went to storytime. We have not been to storytime for a while since Liam does not like to sit quietly and cooperate. He is 3 1/2 and I think he is old enough to start learning sit down, follow instrucionts, and do group activities. The library is close-by and story time is free; therefore it is a good starting point.
Other then Liam's energy level, there is one drawback: The other mothers. I find that having a spirited, high-energy child, that it is difficult to be among mothers who's children appear to be perfect. There was one mother, who's sons must be perfectly well behaved all the time who glared at me a lot and got upset with Liam. When we were still out looking at books, Liam was running around the library. I caught him and explained that he needed to sit down and look at books. This lady was reading to her son when I did this. Her son stopped paying attention to her story and started watching Liam and I. She seemed to get upset and she tried to get him to pay attnention to her. I tried to keep Liam in one spot during story time, but he escaped and ran around a couple of times. He spent most of the actual story-time rolling around and contorting his body. He was not bothering other kids and he was close enough to one spot for me. During art time, he decided he wanted to gather up all the pens that other kids were using and he accidently stepped on the artwork of the aforementioned mother's child and she curtly asked him to get off. If she wasn't so uptight, I might have felt bad. When people act that way, I almost want to encourage Liam's behavior. He is almost like my secret weapon.
Liam did love parachute time and did very well on that activity.
I also took Christian out for chocolate milk at a coffee shop by his school. There must be something in the Y chromosome where when you go out to coffee, sit down and look at each other, all conversation dries up. Christian talks non-stop all the time, which is why I thought this outing might be good, since I could devote all my attention to him. He just wanted to drink his milk and eat his bagel. We also had a nice little walk to the school, since I was not going to drive the car 8 blocks on a nice day.
Here is today's layout.
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JanMary said...

Oh I can feel for you, having a "spirited" son myself. It is so annoying when other mums add to your stress, when really we should be supporting one another, or at least being sympathetic!

Victoria said...

I understand about the comparisons with other kids. My kids are known as "the loud ones". It is a surprise when I get a compliment on their good behavior. Best of luck with future outings!

Robin L said...

Im so sorry the other mothers did that to you. Im sure he was fine. Sounds like you had a good time at the coffee shop even if he was watching other people. Great layout! Have a great weekend.

DawnMarch said...

If there's one thing that parenting has taught me, it's not to judge other parents! Parenting is hard, everyone is faced with their own challenges and the vast majority of us are trying the best we can!

My son is the same way at the coffee shop. All of his responses become one liners like "I don't know" or "good". I guess little boys are still learning to be witty conversationalists!

Totally Rawkin Designs said...

ok I have to say I am both sides with this one. My eldest son was(is) that quietly sitting little boy. He is calm and always behaved wonderfully in quiet places. My middle son is exact opposite. So I can honestly say it has nothing to do with parenting!LOL. I am very sympathetic for mums who children do not want to cooperate. I am always amusing someone's cranky toddler.

Stephanie (schock77) said...

I can relate! :) Ha ha! I figure everyone either a) has been there or b) has yet to experience that but one day will... so no worries.

Love your layout!