Tuesday, April 22, 2008

beans n rice

On Monday's we often call an order into our favorite Mexican restaurant and pick up dinner there after I get my tips from Starbucks.
I order the Steak Potato Burrito and I get a kids Quesadilla Chica meal for the boys. Christian likes the quesadilla and Liam eats the beans and rice.
We got our food and drove home last night. I served food to everyone and Laim sucked his beans and rice down. Now, keep in mind, Liam loves beans. I really need to improve my crock pot bean techniques to get the spices and texture right. The one draw back to beans and rice is the "cleansing" effect they have. They are very high in fiber. I am thankful that the cleansing did not begin until after I put on Liam's diaper after his bath before bed. Within two hours of dinner he had not one, but two bowel movements.
I bought him some beans from the deli section at New Seasons last week, which he sucked down. The next day we had the same problem.
Maybe I should lie off the beans until we are potty trained.
On to scrapping news...
I wrote about an upcoming project yesturday...I checked and I can drop a little hint.
Something big is going to happen soon at Elemental Scraps and I am just pumped to be involved. Visit often and stay tuned. I will try to drop more hints and they come up.

This is my second layout with Bugs N Grubs by Lindsay Jane Designs
I took this picture in the Pacific Northwest Pond display at Woodland Park Zoo. When we walked in, there was his huge bird and I pointed to it and said that one of the birds must have got out of the Africa exibit and flown over. David pointed out that the bird was a heron. We see them often down at the coast, but they are usually far away. I also think zoos have nets to keep animals from flying out of their habitat.

I won my first blog drawing today. Juliana Gordon, drew my name to get the Potato bar at Polka Dot Potato. I am so excited. There lots of templates and I just love fun templates. Thanks Juliana


MerCas Designs said...

Beans have that hold on a lot of kids I think...

Love the layuot btw

Robin L said...

Poor Liam but at least his sysytem is clean. Love your layout its so pretty. Congrats on the win!

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MirandaLea said...

lol about the beans! Good luck with the potty training. Congrats on getting published!!