Tuesday, April 15, 2008

compost and glue

We had a warm, sunny weekend. The boys enjoyed playing outside. I had to stay in the house most of the time because my allergies were so bad. We also continued on with the potty training. It was harder to get Liam in to the house to use the potty when he was playing outside. Yesturday we were back to rain, so we used the old orange juice/m&m method. We let him drink as much juice as he wants. Take him to the potty every 20 minutes and give him a M & M each time he went potty in the toilet. We had many more sucsess stories then accidents. When the timer goes off, Liam usually comes and grabs my hand and walks to the bathroom.
I worked in Christian's Sunday school class on Sunday. It is fun to watch Christian and his friends interact. I need to take a camera next month and get some pictures. The boys like to start by building rockets with Duplos and then when they get bored with that, they have started going to the play kitchen and hanging out in there. It makes me think that if the Power Rangers had a bachelor pad, this is what it would be like.
During the weekend, I brought home several bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks and dumped them in our compost bins. Liam was so excited to have fresh materials. He scooped and spread most of it around our yard, loaded all his Bob the Builder toys in the compost bin, then climbed in himself. On Friday, I pulled him out immediately, but on Saturday, I gave up and just let him play in there. That is why we have a bath tub and use it often.
I did a couple layouts and a few hybrid projects this weekend.
I used Harmony by MGL Scraps, Breathe Easy by Valorie Brown and Bracketeering one and two by Rachel Martin. I used Jen Caputo's Stacking & Paper Fold Action and an Aluminum Foil layering style by Amanda Geils

I made this door hanger for the Scissors & Bandaids Challenge at Elemental Scraps. I used In Mom's Washer by Little Miss Liz & Cars Go Beep Beep by Becki Kress

I made this Bracket Album from pictures from a friend's baby shower. I used the pre-made bracket album quick pages from Spring's Hope - The Elemental Scraps April Collab. Kit. I bought the chipboard bracket album and a local scrapbook store. I am going back today to buy a chipboard luggage tag album

I made a paper bag album and a layout using Lindsay Jane Designs' Birthday, Inc.. I love the paper bag album. I have tons of paper lunch bags in my garage like many people, so the initial investment to start this is small. I just made templates, printed up papers and elements and put it together with a glue stick.

Here are some pictures and the story of Liams tryst in the compost bin. I used Get Dirty by Sweet Digi Scraps & Dirty Boy by Becki Kress. I also used a new paper tear action I just got from Atomic Cupcake and the Down and Dirty Layering styles by Misty Cato


DawnMarch said...

The potty training is such a pain but so wonderful (and so much less expensive!) when you can go diaper free! Good luck!

Char said...

Wow, you've been busy with a lot of projects! Everything is so awesome! I am totally going to make one of those door hangers, as we're doing the potty training thing too. :-)

Robin L said...

What a great idea on the potty training. Love all your projects.

movefearlessly said...

good idea with the potty training. you really managed to get a lot done too - amazing!

Amy said...

oh potty training what fun! great idea. nice projects - you've been busy!

Dielle said...

Oh, lots of positive thoughts coming your way on the potty training. My youngest are twin girls almost 2 1/2. I'm dreading it.

Loved your potty training door hanger, though!!!