Saturday, April 26, 2008

more pets

We have cats and chickens. Most people would think this is enough, but no, why not add something more to the mix. Say....goldfish.
The boys and I went to a carnival at one of the local grade schools. Starbucks was helping with it. They had one game where the prize was a goldfish, and Christian really wanted one.
The game involved throwing a ball in a glass of water. I personally could not throw or catch a ball to save my life. Since this game was designed for older kids, I was afraid that he might be disappointed.
We were standing in the line, waiting to play the game and I said, "too bad daddy is not here, he could win you a goldfish".
There was a lady that I recognize as a customer from Starbucks and she looked at me and said snidely, "Maybe they could win their own goldfish."
Let me start by saying that Christian did win a goldfish all by himself and I am proud of him. Liam got a pity win, but he's three.
Now for my little rant...I was not beating my kids, giving them drugs, verbally abusing them or pushing them into a busy highway. Therefore, what I say and do with my kids is not the business of anyone except David and I. For the record, David and I do not believe in entitlement. David works at the county jail and has been yelled at by parents after their precious children have been pulled over for DUI and said the police must have made a mistake on the breath test. I do know that at 3 and 5 the boys are not quite old enough to do serious competitive play and don't really get the concept.
I also like to just take time to to praise David and let the boys know that he is special. I might be able to bake cakes or take good pictures, but there are many things David can do that I am not good at and I think it is important for the boys to hear that. I was also just being playful and priasing David.
I remember when I was ten years old, my family was on vacation in Southern Ca. and my father played a game at Knotts Berry Farm and won a big teddy bear for me. I have no idea what ever happened to the bear, but 28 years later, I still remember what my dad did and it is a special memory.
We don't give into our kid's every whim. They were begging for popcorn last night, but I told them that they just ate dinner and didn't need anything. We played the cake walk and lost and we did not throw ourselves on the floor and demand a re-play, we just moved on. I just saw that there was small thing that meant a lot to my little boy and I wanted him to have a chance.
As for that lady, next time she comes into Starbucks...someone's getting decaf!
The boys love their fish. We set them up in a Ikea vase for the time being and will get a bowl later this week. I did realize later last night that we need to go out and buy fish food.
Christian told me that he learned how to feed fish watching Mr. Rogers.
Here are my layouts
I did this layout for the Pimp it Up Challenge at Elemental Scraps
I used:
Chasing Rainbows by Marianne Wahlberg
Got Brackets & Brackety Brights by Becki Kress

I used:
Birds in a Tree by Madame Mim
Quite Contrary by Anna Benjamin
Fence by Jen Ulaseiwicz

Maybe we can have a rant-free post tommorow.


Eve said...

Some people are just to annoying for words! lol Great LOs! :)

Blythe said...

Wow what a COW! Maybe next time she comes in you could just moo at her lol!!

Congrats to your little one on his win!!

Christy said...

First of all, gorgeous layouts. Really - totally cute.
Second - that woman is an idiot. I would have responded, "Maybe somebody can mind her own business...hmmm??" Geez. Totally didn't know what she was talking about or anything. Blythe's right. She's a cow.

DawnMarch said...

First, I love your page with the tree!

We got our first fish at a fair. 2 of them. We had them in a little plastic container for, I think 3 days, until we could get to the pet store to get a tank. When we got the elaborate tank and filter, we filled it up and then had to wait overnight for the water to be conditioned and warm up before we put the fish in. Of course, when we went to put them in the new tank the next morning, the fish were dead! So, it was back to the store for more fish!

I probably wouldn't do goldfish again b/c they are "dirty fish" as fish people say, and take a lot of care and tank cleaning! Kids sure love them though!

movefearlessly said...

hate it when people put their noses where they don't belong!

your layouts are terrific.

Sassy said...

lol @ what blythe said!!!
Lovely LO's

Sign-of-life said...

Want say the same like movefearlessly ! Some people are really idiots!!
Don't worry about something like this ;)
wonderful pages!!