Sunday, April 27, 2008

school plans for next year

We got our letter from Portland Public school yesturday and Christian did not get a spot in any of the programs that we applied for. We were originally going to homeschool, but thought we would at least try to get him a spot in the Japanese immersion program, since we couldn't change our mind in a few years try to put him in that later.
We will homeschool Christian for Kindergarten and Liam for pre-school next year and I will include Japanese in the studies. If we still want to do the Japanese program, we can apply to get Christian in for first grade. I am going to call the school this week and ask them what they would like to see him study to be ready for first grade. I might also call the Japanese church and see if they have any Japanese homeschool familes and maybe we swap Japanese help with English help.
In some ways I am relieved that we will not do the Japanese program next year.
1. We will save a ton on money paying it ould have cost for the full-day kindergarten.
2. We will enjoy a more flexible schedule and will be able to go on trips when school is in session, which works better with David's job and work schedule.
3. (This is a big one) No drop offs and pick ups! We only own one car. We don't plan to buy another car. My riding my bike to work has really helped things out, but, I look forward to walking to our kitchen table for the morning commute.
4. No packing lunches. I have read too much about what goes in to school food and have bad memories of my school lunches, so I would have to pack lunches, but then you have the rules, the food allergy rules (no peanut butter) and a fussy eater. We can just fix them lunch and toss it to them at home.
5. No homework. We will make sure everything is taught and accomplished during our homeschool time. It seems that homework becomes the parent's problem from what I hear.
6. Once the work is done, its done. If Christian works hard and gets all his work done on Thursday, we can take Friday off and go do something fun.
I know we will face many new challenges with homeschooling, but we can face them in or pajamas if we want.
My biggest weakness in approaching this - organization (not my gift)
I made a couple of cards yesturday. They are not for any specific occastion, just a couple birthday cards to have on hand.
I used:
My boy by Mercas Designs
Text paths by ShellyRae Custbert for this

I used:
A touch of Whimsy by Sherri Tierney
Curvy Text path by ShellyRae Custbert


movefearlessly said...

good luck with the school plans!

ScrapShana said...

Good luck with homeschooling! If I had it to do all over again, that is the route I would have taken. However, financially, I couldn't possibly have stayed home. You will not regret doing it, I'm sure!

Juliana said...

Gorgeous cards!
Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Ferg Designs said...

Good luck with Homeschooling! Mine is still a bit little to think about school plans, but homeschooling does seem a bit daunting (I'm terrible at organization too! LOL) I wish you the best of luck with it!