Monday, July 20, 2009


Many years ago I was playing Scattagories with friends. The letter was "G" and one of the catagories was hobbies. I put Gleaning down as a hobby. No one else choose that word and my friend Michelle teased me and said something like "yeah, that is a hobby you see a lot of people doing these days".
I have to say that it has become my hobby. I check out the free section on Craigslist and e-mails from freecycle to see if anyone is giving fruit from their trees away. I picked cherries a couple of weeks ago and today we picked pairs. I will make jam and go through my cookbooks for other plum recipes. I have the basket full of blueberries. I wonder how a plum-blueberry pie would taste. My family would be more than willing to test it out.
If anyone has a peach or walnut tree, let me know, they are on my wish list.

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bentonflocke said...

what a great and yummy hobby!! Wonderful idea!!