Saturday, November 21, 2009

a field trip

We went on another field trip yesterday. This time to Zenger Farms, which is about two miles east of us. It is a community farm in the city. They have an egg co-op, honey bees and several gardens. They even raised turkeys this year. There were only three left.
The theme of the field trip was wetlands ecology. The weather was very cooperative with the wetland theme. The kids explored the water and learned about animals that live in wetlands. The rain was forgotten when we got down there and they got the nets, and viewing tools.
We ate lunch then helped with tasks around the farm. Liam really enjoyed seperating garlic. He wanted to peel it and eat it and they had to explain that they were going to plant the garlic in the sping. We also got to remove the kernals from indian corn to use for popcorn. We bought some of the pop corn to pop and use at home.

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