Tuesday, November 17, 2009

train trip to seattle

We joined a homeschool group for a day trip on Amtrack. We left from the Vancouver, Washington station instead of the Portland station. I like this for two reasons. 1. There is free and abundant parking in Vancouver and because we were only traveling in one state, it cost less.
This was the first time I had been on Amtrack in 27 years and it was the boys first trip. They enjoyed the train ride, the scenery and Liam enjoyed re-enacting the movie Polar Express on the ride home. I am thankful that so many people had bus tickets to give him when he went around asking for tickets. Next time we do the trip, I will bring some 4x6 note cards and a hole punch for him to play with. I might need to also bring a shoe box, so he doesn't leave little pieces of paper all over the train.
While in Seattle, we went to the Pike Street Market. There was a large fish that they tug on to make it look alive. It freaked Liam out. He was not happy until we left. We also visited Market Spice to buy some tea and spices. I am drinking the Market Spice Rooibos Chai right now.
After the market and lunch we walked to the Pacific Science Center. The highlight was the butterfly gardens.

We walked back to the train station. I learned that it is a very long walk, especially in a Seattle Downpour and that the neighborhood close to the station gets quite interesting as it gets dark. I think we will utilize the bus system next time.
a quick note...I finished my the socks I have been knitting. Stop by my other blog Simple Gifts to see them! Wool socks and hiking boots are great for a long walk on a rainy day in Seattle.

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