Friday, September 25, 2009

A photoshoot with Boofy

I just bought a tripod and remote control for my new camera. The main reason I wanted these items was so I could get good family photos, which are few and far between. We are going to Yellowstone in a couple of weeks and my main goal is to leave with at least one family photo that will work on a Christmas Card.
I took the new toys out today and played with them. I grabbed Boofy from the henhoue to pose with me. She took it all quite well.


bentonflocke said...

congrats to your new tripod and the remote control.

I should buy a tripod, too!

Beautiful pics""

Tanyia said...

Wow, nice new toys! :) Boofy is SO darn cute!!! I wish we had the opportunity to have some animals. That is something I really look forward to in the future! :)

listgirl said...

Ooo congrats on the new camera remote and tripod Michelle! I love our tripod. Can't wait to see Yellowstone photos too! Boofy's a good sport.