Thursday, December 3, 2009

the pets

Our new rabbit, Phina is quite a delight to have around the house. She is happiest when she is free and hoping around the entire house. I am not sure where she is right now. I think she is back in our bedroom with the boys. She is very easy going, quite fond of food (have to be careful and watch that), and very affectionate. She likes to be held and is very good about grooming which is important for an angora rabbit. Henrietta was very put out by her introduction into the house at first. I put their cages together, like a rabbit book suggested. The other night, Henrietta was make lots of noise as she re-arranged her cage so she could sit next to Phina's cage. Henrietta is still a bit unsure about spending time with Phina outside the cage. I am hearing a lot of grunting. In this photo Henrietta just jumped over Phina when she wanted to get to a different part of the area rug.

Galelio enjoys having a more engaging bunny around. We still have to watch him since he can play a bit rough. Phina keeps approaching him, so it must not bother her too much. All this playing with bunnies wears the kitten out.

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