Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This morning I was listening to the weather forcast and they said it would rain this afternoon. It has been cold and windy for the last several days and I thought that it would have to warm up quite a bit this morning to get rain. I also saw frozen water on the sides of roads.
We reserved a three day pass to the Children's Museum and it came in today. I picked it up and we headed up there for some fun. The Children's museum is at one of the higher points in the city. They boys wanted a snack and we walked out to the lobby, we were surpised to see snow coming down. At the same moment, David called me to tell me it was snowing at home.
We did not stay at the museum much longer since it was at a high elevation and the Sunset Highway, that we use to get home often has problems in the snow. The roads were clear until we got back on our street.
When we got home, we all put on proper snow clothes and went outside. It is getting dark now and the snow is coming down hard. It is also accumulating. The magic question is...will it still be here in the morning.

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