Friday, January 1, 2010

little abraham and project 365

A fluffy new addition came to our home before Christmas, Little Abraham. He is to join our other new rabbit, Sarah to breed meat rabbits for us in the new year. Sarah was given to us by Christian's 4-H leader. She came to us pregnant and delivered 9 babies last night. They were all alive at birth and we will have to wait a week or two to see if they make it. This is her first litter and the mortality rate is high for first litters. She carried the babies to term and delivered them alive and those are both good signs for future pregnancies. Little Abraham should be old enough to mate about a week or two after Sarah would be done nursing her babies. If her babies live I hope to sell them to cover the cost of cages. After that we will sell a couple of babies from each litter to cover overhead costs and the rest will go to the butcher.
Sarah is a New Zealand, Abraham is a New Zealand California mix. They are both sweet, friendly bunnies.
I am in the process of arranging a couple dates for Phina so she too can have babies in the spring. I will use studs until we can find a male angora.
On a different note, I am going to try project 365, where you take a photo a day again this year. I did great last year unil summer then I lost steam. This is surpising since summer has such great photo opps and I got a new camera.

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