Thursday, January 28, 2010

this week in rabbit

I have been absent from this blog for a while. David is now on day shift. This is a great change for the family, but now that he is gone all day, all of the house, homeschool and parenting reponsiblities fall on me. (I am aware that this is the set-up most stay at home moms have, I am just not used to it). I am busy during the day, then after a day of being busy, I am often very tired in the evening.
Recent News from our house:
baby bunnies growing and just too cute.
the ducks laid their first eggs today. (just in time to bake my mom's birthday cake on Saturday)
The boys watched Galileo catch a mouse in the backyard today
I am baking all of our bread instead of buying. Good bread, but tired mommy.
Lots of knitting projects in process
I am hoping to join a quilt along. This week I just have to pick out and wash fabric. Pretty easy to start with.
We are learning a lot about Greek Mythology. This is a very boy friendly topic. We are also choosing a character from Greek Mythology to draw during art time. Today Christian drew a Gorgon.

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