Saturday, January 2, 2010


I heard on the radio today's date is a perfect paladrome. This was discovered by someone who thinks playing with numbers is "fun". I am not one of those people.
Today has not been a fun day. I need a carder to prepare my wool to spin. I decided to drive out to Newberg (two counties away) to buy one. I checked the website and they said they were open 9-4 on Saturday's. I dropped David and the boys at OMSI and drove out. The drive was fine. When I get there, the shop is closed. I assume that since it is a holiday weekend and a small business, they took the weekend off. Lesson learned: when traveling 2 counties away to go to a shop, make a quick call to shop to confirm they are opened no matter what the web site says. I drove back to OMSI and by this time it was packed. I was about to drive over to over flow parking when I saw three empty spots next to each other. I chose the middle spot for ease of parking. When I went in it was super crowded. We stayed a bit more then chose to leave. When we got to the parking lot two cars had parked on both sides of me. One car backed in. I drive a mini-van and it is not easy to get out of small spots. David and I both tried to get the van out without crashing in to other cars. David finally saw that a woman was sitting in a car behind us and one over. I went over and asked if she would mind pulling out so we could get our van out without crashing into other cars. She was gracious and pulled out. With David directing from outside, I got the van out.
When we got home, David tried to turn on the portable DVD player that we just spent 17.50 for a new ac cord on, and the screen is on the fritz. It would be so bad if this problem came up the same time as the ac cord broke and we did not spend extra money on it.
This all brings me to my photo of the day. A margarita. Don't worry the thing that is making it big enough to fill a big glass is ice. No need to call 9-1-1 about alcohol poisening. making this was even frustrating since we are not using our ice much and it was partially evoporated.
I now raise my glass and toast to a quiet evening and a better day tommorow.

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