Tuesday, January 5, 2010

two more things I love....

I have a couple of resources we have been using a lot lately that I just love. The first was recently discovered - Pandora Radio. I had seen people mentioning it on Facebook and decided to check it out before Christmas. It was perfect for the holidays. They have several Holiday stations so we can enjoy Christmas music during the season and then we don't have to store cd's or take up space on the iPod the rest of the year. I enjoyed the swinging holiday station the most. It had many of the Christmas songs my dad would play when I was growing up. I hated that music for many years, but now it so much fun to hear. Currently we like the Children's Rock station. Yesterday we heard Alvin and the Chipmunks perform the Time Warp. The kids love to listen and dance.
The other thing I love is Overdrive Media from the library. We go to the library website and find available audiobooks and videos. There is a link that takes us to a central site the the entire state uses and choose the titles we want. There is a seperate program to download, then we get free audiobooks for a week. The boys love this. They get up in the morning, turn the computer on and listen to stories until I am ready to start homeschooling. Christian is listening to a Magic Tree House story right now.

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CC said...

those books though don't work on Macs as I recall. Am I wrong? I'd sure love to try it out!