Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A visit with Santa

We went to the downtown Macys (formerly Meier and Frank) yesterday to visit Santa. My mother took me to the downtown Meier and Frank to see Santa when I was a child and David and I worked at the store at different times when we were younger. I don't like to shop there, but it is fun to go to Santaland.
Liam was eager to visit Santa. He gave quite the list of things he wanted to Santa. Among the requests were a remote control airplane and a ham. I always dream of getting a Honey-Baked ham for Christmas, I guess we share the same desire. At one point the photographer asked Liam to show her his teeth. He opened his mouth and pointed to his teeth.

Christian is not terribly fond of Santa. He did agree to step in for a couple of photos and show off his newly lost tooth.

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