Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party

We went to the Halloween Party at the children's musuem today. Christian has been excited for Halloween for a long time and has three different superhero outfits he likes to wear. Today he chose Superman. Liam is not into the whole costume scene right now, so I dressed him in overalls and a plaid shirt to try to do the Bob the Builder thing. He screamed and tried to take it off and then he calmed down when I put a Maisy video on.
They had a man at the party doing balloon animals and the boys waited patiently in line to get their balloons and when it was there turn, this lady came and told the balloon guy he had to take a break because he offended someone earlier and they had to work it out. So he had to leave, just when it was my boys turn. The boys handled it very well. I was almost in tears at how unfair it was, but I swallowed it and took them to get pizza. We stopped on the way home and got a special treat, since the boys handled their dissappointment so graciously. Liam did bring up the balloons and cry a bit before bed. I hope whatever the balloon man did was really offensive and it was not from parents who think their kids are entitled to special treatment since my boys were unable to get what they waited for.
this is a picture of them waiting

Liam working in the wood shop

Even Superman needs to stop for grocieries on the way home from a big rescue.

Chrisitan in his Superman costume.
I used He's a Star - Digital Designs by Jannylyn for this layout

Christian in the butterfly garden at Pacific Science Center in Seattle

Liam caught our cat Bronte the other day.

Baers Garten Designs and Scrap with Niki have a new collaborative kit Butterfly Garden. I used it for the last two layouts
I used Hallowillie by Baers Garten Designs for the framed photos from today

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Gina said...

Sweet pictures... the boys look like they're having a great time.