Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Plans

Christian's birthday is on December 15th. He has been talking about and planning his birthday party since December 16th of last year. As his party draws near, I am thinking he is reading issues of Martha Stewart Living on the sly from what he is asking. He wants me to make individual pinatas for each of his guests and he wants each pinata to fit the interests of each of his guests. He told me one of his friends likes escalators, so he wants me to make an escalator pinata for that friend. I told him we could go to party depot and pick out a pinata.
I did book the place we are holding the party today, so that is secured. Next I need to design an invitation and get them printed.
Today at church, Christian got to take home the King David action figure (I did not even know such a thing exists). When you push a button on his back, he either says Psalm 23 or this verse out of 1 Samuel. The odd thing is...he sounds like a storm trooper from Star Wars. There are mostly girls in Liam's class and I think they are having a soothing effect on him. When we arrived today, instead of the usual screaming, flailing and escape attempts, he just sat down and started coloring with the girls. Christian justs walks into the church and goes to his class on his own.

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