Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat and Chuck E Cheese

We had a fun halloween yesturday. As soon as Christian came home from school, he started asking if it was time to go trick or treating (12:15 pm) and kept asking all afternoon. Liam was in meltdown phase by about 4:30 and I did not know if we would even be able to go out for more then one or two houses.
As soon as we got out and started going to houses and Liam understood what Trick or Treating really was (they seem to figure it out at this age), he was pumped and ready to go. We were able to go around the block on our usual loop. It was hard to convince to boys that we do not go into people's houses and that we do not raid the candy dish and take all the candy.
We live in a neighborhood where many of the neighbors love Halloween and go all out, but there are not as many kids as their are people who love to decorate and have trick or treaters, so it is a major score for the kids who do go out and everyone is nice and happy to have trick or treaters.
Today we went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese (always a good time) Christian loves playing the video games, especially anything involoving driving cars, boats or planes. There were balloons and that was all Liam could think about. I finally gave in and bought a balloon for each boy so Liam would not raid the birthday balloons. Liam popped his before I had a chance to give Christian his, so I gave Liam, Christians balloon to prevent a melt down, but he popped that one too, so then he did proceed to go into a HUGE, everyone staring at us, louded then the background noise of Chuck E Cheese meltdown. David took him to the car where he went to sleep after a few minutes and took a nap.
Christian walked out of there on his own accord, which is an improvement over last time, but he did have a lot of 'tude in the car. He also fell asleep on the ay home.
Here is Christian's Birthday Invitation.


Joni said...

Isn't parenthood great??? I have been through a few meltdowns myself. I love Chuck E Cheese!!! We don't get there very often cuz we live in the stix and the closest one is a couple hours away!!!

It's those kind of days where getting in that bed at night is the most exciting thing in the world!!!!

Jaydensmama said...

Sounds like my Nephew Harley's melt downs! he starts screaming at the top of his lungs for his mom not to abuse him! Needless to say I am afraid to take him anywhere, he is fine as long as noone crosses him lol. Well I just wanted to say your blog looks great

Amy B. said...

I have a little boy named Liam. He's 23 mos old and I had only heard of Liam Neesen before we named him that. I'm hearing it alot more frequently now.