Monday, November 26, 2007

I used Warm Winter by Baers Garten Designs at Scrapbook Graphics
Today David had the day off and he went to a dentist appointment in the late afternoon. I often tell David how hard the later afternoons and early evenings are and how the boys are very fussy and moody. The boys were fighting over trains for a while until I grabbed their basket picked up all the trains and put them in the garage and then Liam cried about his trains and for food for a while. I got up and made them pasta and cut up apples for them to eat while the pasta cooked. They actually sat at the table and quietly ate the apples while I made dinner.
After dinner I sat down to read, Christian grabbed a book and was looking through it and Liam was just sitting quietly on my other side. David came home and was scared what he would walk into. He was quite surprised to find us all quiet on the couch.

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