Thursday, November 15, 2007

crazy woman in a mini van

We have two new(er) Starbucks drive-thrus in our area. This is a wonderful blessing since I can go with the kids without the troubles of getting the boys and myself out the the van and I do not have to deal with them running wild, trashing the store.
All the windows except the front windows in our van are darkened, so you cannot see the back seats or that there are passengers in there.
So....I drive up to the window...Veggietales, the Wiggles, Seasame Street or some other kids music is blaring and I am either talking to or yelling at the kids that the people working at the drive-thru cannot see kids in the back, so I must appear to be some kind of crazy woman.
I was telling all this to one of the woman who works at one of the drive-thrus and she told me that when you drive up to the window with a white mini-van and kids music, most people just assume that you have kids somewhere in there.
That was of some comfort that I went from being a crazy woman to a soccer mom (probably the same thing)
We went to my nephew's birthday party tonight at JJ Jump, which is gym with infatables. I am hoping the boys will sleep extra late tommorow, since they played so hard tonight.
After the jumping, we all went upstairs for snacks, cake and opening presents. When we got there Liam went up to the woman who was organzing the party for JJ Jump, grabbed her sleeve and said "Hi, I'm Liam, this is mommy and this is Christian" I am not sure if she understood him, but it was funny. They must do introdutions like that on one of his PBS shows. It kind of reminds me of a dialogue in my Spanish and Japanese classes. Although we all felt stupid having the conversations there, where it is cute from a three year old.

Here are a couple of layouts using designs by Jannylyn
this is from part of her grab bag

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