Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Cold

We had a store meeting on Sunday night that ended at 10:00 pm and then I had to be back at work at 4:00 am. I think that it killed my immune system and I have another cold. Today was Christian's snack day at school, so I was with him there all morning. I took some pictures and will post them later. They had a grain grinder in his class and the grinded corn and wheat. Today they made corn muffins with the corn they grinded up. I have never been able to get Christian to eat my homemade corn muffins and he has never enjoyed them, he did not seem to like these either. Some people say that allowing your kids to get involved in the cooking process will induce them to eat more foods. I do not find that it helps Christian. He knows what he will eat or not eat and nothing is going to change it.
The kids are taking a while to adjust to daylight savings time. They wake up at 5:30 and Liam is in melt down by 6:00 pm. I will not turn on the TV or feed them until 7:00 am, I hope that this will help them revise their sleep schedule. It has worked in past years. I have them play in their room and let David and I rest.

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Sherry said...

Adorable layouts! Love your new blog too!

Jenny said...

My kiddos love to cook, but are the pickiest eaters alive! So yours isn't the only one, LOL.

Great LO's too!