Friday, November 30, 2007

A fine balance

Liam has had this thing on his foot for a while. It appeared when we went camping in September with all his other cuts and problems. I have been watching it and wondering whether I should call the Doctor about it. Yesturday, I poked it a bit to see if anything was going on. It was sore and he did not want me to touch it, but I decided to wait and see what happened.
Tonight, he was playing on the floor barefoot and his foot looked weird, so I went up and looked at it again. It was swollen, the little sore was now purple and he had spots on his foot. It was like a picture from the rash section of a kids health book.
I grabbed the boys and took Liam straight to the urgent care. When the doctor looked at his foot, she said it was an infection (which I already knew since I have memorized the rash section of the books) and she started asking me how long he has had the sore, if anyone in the house has open sores or infections (answer is no). She also observed that he has a nasty case of athletes foot.
I find it difficult trying to find the balance of helicopter parent who runs their children for a hang nail and parent who lets things go too long. I wish kids came with some kind of alarm or color code system like the department of homeland security had. Maybe it could be green = fine, yellow = make an appointment, but no hurry, orange = make apointment for today and red = go to urgent care or hostpital now.

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