Tuesday, October 9, 2007

here are a couple of layouts I have done recently.
I took the boys to the park to get some autumn photos. There were happy to explore, but did not want to work with me. Liam had fun collecting acorns, but Christian wanted to play in the leaves. When I took Liam with us to an area that had more leaves, Liam freaked out, so our stay was not too long.
I threw away all of Liam's sippy cups as well yesterday. He has this wonderful habbit of taking his sippy cup and dumping it out around the house. I was crawling on the floor cleaning up another one of his messes when I crawled through the milk, so I threw all the sippies away and now he has to drink from a regular cup at the table. I am hoping this will help him potty train soon since he will be taking in smaller amounts of liquid.


Mousey said...

Great LO's!
My DD had a habit of carrying her sippy cups around and leaving them everywhere. Eventually they would somehow find their way out to the sandpit, and that's where I left them! LOL Big cups only now :o)

~Steph said...

great blog! Very nice LO!