Sunday, October 7, 2007

the hunt is on

We were not able to make an offer on the one house we liked because they decided they could not afford to sell the house at this time, so we are back to the drawing board. We have decided to put together a top five list and if a house sells before we sell this house, we will scratch it off the list and add another house, then we will be ready to start writting offers as soon as we accept on offer on our house. We have four houses we will look at this week and I think I might have found #5 to add to the list.

Our neighbors down the street are selling their house and they had an open house yesterday so that brought some buzz to our street and people stopped and grabbed some info on our house since they were here and our house is much cheaper then the other house, but is about the same size.

Our house so nice and clean, it is wonderful to live in. When we our realitor brought over the flyers for our house, the pictures were amazing. We were joking if we saw the flyer in a random pile, we would grab it and want to see the house.

When I took a break from house cleaning and house hunting yesterday, I made a huge 32 oz tub of pesto and cut up all the green peppers we picked on Thursday and froze them. We had about 12 cups of peppers. We still have the red and yellow peppers to roast. I will try to get that done tommorow. It is hard to get involved in large projects because someone might want to see the house at any time during the day.

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