Thursday, January 15, 2009

Project 365 day 15 and a couple of stories

Liam had his first art class today. I decided to get my photo of the day at class. I chose this picture as the "official" photo because I liked the sunlight and the color of the paints and the artwork on the rack by the window.
Here are a few more pictures from his class.

At one point during the class I looked over and noticed there was a puddle on one of the chairs. I checked Liam to make sure he had not had an accident and when I realized that it was not my child, I went to get paper towels to clean it up. The mom of the little girl who had the issue was talking to her by the chair as I was trying to wipe it up and I accidently flung the urine on the little girl. I felt so bad. First she had an accident then some odd woman flings urine on her. The teacher asked us what happened and we said there had been an leak. At this point, I realized we were on city property and there are laws on handling human waste. The teacher pointed this out and went downstairs to get the correct protocol and get supplies. When she came up she told us that only she the teacher (what an honor) or the child's mother are allowed to clean up. As a mom, when I see a problem, I just want to jump in and help since I know what it feels like to be in those situations.
After I took Liam home, I went grocery shopping. I used that time to go to Sportsman Warehouse for the first time and get shell-fish licenses for David and I. I also bought a crap cage, a shovel for digging clams and gloves for David and I. We are going to go clamming this weekend since there is a bumper crop of Razor Clams on the coast. I have to say that I was quite the hit at Sportsman Warehouse. I don't think many woman go in. I was wearing jeans, fleece and my outdoors/hiking shoes (this is the standard Oregon uniform) so I looked like I didn't mind the outdoors much. I think the men were thinking that they wanted to find a woman who would go out and buy them a crab cage. I don't think David is going let me go there alone again.


Connie said...

Art class looked like a big hit! I've never been clamming, I hope you'll take pictures..I'd love to see what it's all about!

RefreshMom said...

Art class looks like fun. And rules or no, you were very kind to help so as not to draw more attention to a sensitive situation.

I had to literally LOL at your little typo in the list of what you bought though--I didn't know if it had something to do with your plans to go clamming, or if it was something I didn't know about having chickens!