Monday, January 5, 2009

Project 365 - day 5, ADSR & Gnocchi

My photo today is my cat Luna.
I am participating for the first time in ADSR (Amazing Digiscrap Race) My Partner Is Anne Katrine (akhn). Here is layout for the first challenge.

This has a lot of credits. You can find them here
The boys and I made Gnocchi last night. The recipe is real easy. 1 cup of flour to one pound potatos. I peeled the potatos and put them in my new, larger crockpot and let them cook and soften for a few hours while we went to church and I went for a run. I pulled the softened potatoes out and mashed them and added flour. We then pulled out a small amount of the potato mixture and rolled it out and cut it. The boys rolled them into balls and (sometimes) gently pressed down with a fork.

We then added them to boiling water and cooked for about two mintues, when the gnocchi rise back to the top of the water. I made a garlic-brown butter sauce and a marinara sauce for toppings and of course, freshly grated parmesean.


Karenheckyeah Digital Designs said...

That gnocchi sounds good! I'm gonna have to try that sometime!

JanMary said...

Love your first ASDR layout.

My pic for 365 was a cat today too!