Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Warm Winter Day

We have had warm, sunny days the last couple of days. It is quite a contrast after the snow and intense rain. I took the boys to a local garden this afternoon to feed the ducks. There is a produce stand down the street that sells big bags of duck food for $1.00.
Here they are feeding the ducks and geese. Christian likes to feed the birds, Liam needs some coaxing to share the food. I have explained to him that I won't buy him food if he will not share it.

There was a large flock of Canadian Geese flying back and forth over the gardens while we were there.

The boys love watching and imitating the birds.

A couple of serious photographers where at the pond by us and they observed how great the shadows were. I decided to grab a photo of the our shadows.

I am always asking Christian not to run. He was running across a wooden bridge that was covered with duck poop and he slipped and fell. His hands and clothes were covered with it after the fall. I rest my case.

There were a couple sneak peaks of spring at the park.

I used my macro setting for this photo.


RefreshMom said...

It will be interesting to see what spring brings with the wacky weather of this winter! Too much snow, now early warm--those poor rhodies are going to be all confused!

Love seeing pics of our old stomping grounds (and our friends!)

Erika said...

Wow, spring signs already... I'm sure we will get snow a couple of times more here before we see anything green.
Lovely photos, looks like you had a fun day at the park. The shadow-pic is really cool.

Kirsten said...

Lovely photo.

Rory said...

Wow,Winter and you can wear T-shirts...that´s great!
I like the Shadow pic...I made one with my family last year too!

scrapdolly said...

Love the pictures

I scrapped a shadow pic the other day too (It is on my blog )

Kristi D. said...

I love your header and wonderful photos!!

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

Cool pics! i love how you get creative with your boys and do fun stuff around town. hopefully they will appreciate how fun their mom is someday, if they don't yet.

Audrey said...

my little one does the same thing -- runs and runs and runs, no matter how often I ask her not to. my husband gets onto me about it, but I'm just trying to prevent what I know is going to happen!

great photos -- looks like you all had a lovely day!