Monday, June 8, 2009

Class Pet

It is common for many classrooms to have a pet rabbit, mouse or turtle. We now have a bunny for our classroom.
Christian plans to join 4-H in the fall. They have many groups that focus on raising rabbits and small chickens. We now have the rabbit, we just have to find the right group.
We will be studying animals and plants in first grade. We are going to start the plant unit now since we actually have a variety of plants outside. It will also give more time to focus on animals since the boys love to learn about them so much. I think having a rabbit and chickens is good for regular observation.

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Erika said...

Aw, another little cutie! A kitten and a rabbit in the same picture.. that almost too much cute! =) So great for the boys to be surrounded by animals, I think that is good to learn about respect for other living creatures.