Tuesday, June 30, 2009

front garden

I took the boys to an all-city everyone participates track meet today, but forgot my camera. Both boys did the high jump, Christian ran the 100 and I ran the predict a mile where you predict how long your mile will take and the person with the closest actual time wins. I was very conservative on my time. It was really my walking time. I had a rough time on the run because of the heat and high pollen count. I had to walk part of the race. Even with all of those factors taken in my actual time was 1:15 faster then my estimate. We will go next week and will use this weeks time as my guess.
I took photos of my garden since I could not get pics of the track meet. Next week I will remember the camera. I told Christian he could photograph me on my race too.

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The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

that's so cool. i don't remember those track meets, but would totally want to join you guys. =) i love what you do with your boys, michelle. making awesome memories!