Tuesday, December 23, 2008

And another snow day

Today it is not supposed to snow, but we still have all the snow on the ground from the previous storms and we are getting another storm tommorow. I think I will use this break in the weather to walk to the Dollar Tree and get wax paper and scotch tape since we are running low on both.
Christian had a play date with our neighbor across the street yesturday morning and early afternoon. It is a huge production getting clothes on just to walk across the street.
The boys played in the snow for a bid and we got into our back yard and took care of the chickens. I had to shovel out the entrace of the hen house to the door open and shut again.

After playing outside we came in, baked and decorated sugar cookies. Christian went across the street to play chess at the neighbors house for a while too.

When Christian came home the boys played with Legos for a while.

I also made pasta dough in our bread machine yesturday. It was very yummy. We just cut it like lasagna then cut it into smaller bites from there. I used garlic, brown butter and fresh grated parmesean as the topping. The boys inhaled it last night. I have a part of the dough that I did not roll out last night. I will do it today and we can have it for lunch. I think the boys and I will make pizza tonight. That is always a big hit too. David worked yesturday and works today. He gets the next two days off after this. So today is his Tuesday and Friday all rolled into one. I have to work a four hour shift tommorow morning. After being in the house so much since Saturday, it will be nice to get out for a few hours and get unlimited coffee while I am there.


gabs aka evitangel said...

send some snow my way! the kids would be very happy!

merry christmas to you!

~*Jennifer*~ said...

We've been getting weather like you and will be getting a storm on Christmas Eve. :( Hopefully we both won't get too much of the white stuff!

Jan said...

The snow looks beautiful. We haven't had a single flake in a week, and it's supposed to be about 50F on Christmas here in Cincinnati.

Pasta with browned butter, garlic, and cheese sounds yummy. Wish I had some right now!

JanMary said...

Keep warm and safe in all that snow.

Merry Christmas from Northern Ireland.