Saturday, December 13, 2008

This week has been busy with Christmas activities and preperations for Christian's Birthday Party.
This year we were on the fence about whether to do a party or not. Christian would want a party every day of the year if we let him, but we did not want to spend too much money or create too much work for us. A local fast food restuarant has a large play area and will let you do birthday parties there for $2 per child and a discount of food. (no purchase food purchase required). We have been to two other parties there. The standard practice is to purchase kid meals for each of the kids.
I only let Christian invite six friends. Last year he had around 20 guests every person invited except one were able to attend. We kept it small for cost purposes and also so Christian can have quality time with his friends and might be able to tell us who was at this party in years to come.
My first job was to make the invitation. I had some fun in Photoshop and came up with this.

Whatever skill I have with Photoshop, I lack in cake decorating. I decided to make cupcakes (from a mix) and bought some basic decorating supplies at the craft store. I bought some Wilton molds and candies and made stars to top each cupcake. I had a few left over after getting the cakes ready for his party and I let the boys decorate them. Christian's cupcake fell apart (we have all been there). Liam had an easier time and ended up with quite the creation.

I made lollypops with one of the molds I bought instead of doing the whole "goody bag" thing. Last night I made bag toppers. I used the kit Space Ranger by Nikki Scott.

On a completely different note, we found Liam involved in an intense game of chess the other morning.

I finally made an Advent wreath this week. (Yes I know it is late). David trimmed back the neighbors pine tree that grows into our back yard. I went to the Dollar tree and bought the candles and ribbon. They were say a bad wind storm might come in and I told David we could light the whole thing if we loose power.

Credits: Kit: Very Merry Christmas Kit by Jannylyn Brokken, Jesus in the Manger: Nostalgic Nativity by Sharia Braxton

Credits: Jingle Bell Blues by Lindsay Jane Designs


Claudi said...

LOL, I know what you mean about cake decorating... I'm not that good with this too!

gabs aka evitangel said...

same here LOL

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

i love how creative you are! really inspires me.