Thursday, December 25, 2008

Some Assembly Required

One of the most fun parts of any Christmas celebrations is putting together the toys that say "some assembly required". The completion of the project is always more difficult than expected. You need to obtain the correct screw-driver, keep track of all the screws and while trying to pull all this together, you have to contend with two very excited boys.
I found this Space Train set at Coscto and bought it since it combined Liam's love for trains with Christian's love for space. To add to the excitement it is a glow in the dark set. Now that it is finally together, the boys are having fun playing with it. Christian wanted a remote control rocket and was a bit dissapointed that the toy did not have a remote control. He is still a bit young for a toy like that and we can't really use it in the winter.

Here are a few more pictures from our Christmas morning...

I did a layout with highlights from our snow. The news stations having been calling the storm Artic Blast 08. So that is where I got the title.

Credits: Kit - Snowed Under, alpha, snowflake, stare & sign: Jingle Bell Blues, Tinsel Frames - Tinsel Frames 2 all by Lindsay Jane Designs, Template by Chrissy W. available on her blog.

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