Sunday, December 21, 2008

A week of snow

We are now about a week into our snow thing. It has melted and came back several times, but now we have 6 plus inches outside, so it will be here for a while. The only thing I still have to do for Christmas is buy tape to wrap presents. (Liam is going through a whole tape thing.) I am willing to hold out until Thursday for a white Christmas.
Here are some pictures from yesturday. The east winds were very stong and it is only in the 20's. Liam only stayed out a couple of minutes then he wanted to go in the house. It is still in the 20's this morning, but the wind has died down, so maybe we can get out a bit. We had rain fall on top of the snow and freeze, so it will be more cruchy this morning.

Here are two layyouts from some of the snow photos.

Credits: Kit: Snowed Under by Lindsay Jane, Baubles and Snowflake border from Linday Jane's Blog

Credits: Tracey & Mikki's Winter Wonderland by Tracey Monette and Mikki Livanos & Tracey and Saxon's Winter Frost by Tracey Monette and Saxon Holt.


JanMary said...

Super snowy pics and layouts.

TLC Designs said...

Great photos! That one of the cat is just too funny! I don't think I could convince my lazy house kitty to venture out in the white stuff even if I wanted to.

Correen said...

Great pics -- looks like what I'm seeing through my windows, too :).