Saturday, December 27, 2008

We are starting to thaw out here finally. I am going to take the car on this morning. We have a walking path shoveled out on our driveway, David is going to check the driveway and make sure it is clear enough to get the van out. I think we will have snow on the grass, in gardens and on sides of streets for a long time.
Christian has a make up class for Tae Kwon Do this morning and I am going to get to the gym today for a long overdue workout. It has taken me twice as long as usual to walk to work this week, so I hope that counts as some kind of workout.
I did a couple of layouts from our Christmas morning photos....

Credits Here

Credits Here


Susan said...

Looks like a fun Christmas morning. Happy you are finally getting out of all that snow.

Mary said...

Stay safe on your drive out, thank gosh our snow was washed away with rain and again today more rain, Yay!!
Looks like a great christmas and the pages are lovely. TFS