Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More snow days/hen house update

We are in day four of snow. It actually warmed up a bit and rained tonight, but it is supposed to re-freeze and snow for the rest of the week and then really snow on Sunday. In Portland, Oregon, this is very unusual. I remember my parents telling me about the year they moved to Portland (1968) and the huge snow that year. I work with someone who is turning 40 this week and I was telling her about that snow storm and she told me she was adopted and had to stay with a foster family for three weeks because her parents could not get to her.
I am trying to organize craft and other activities to keep the natives occupied. Today the boys did art, helped make pizza for dinner and then I put the tent up for a while. I had to take it down when they failed to obey me, then Liam spit on me while I was taking it down. Good times.
I think I am going to do peanut butter play doh and carmel corn tommorow. Here are some pictures from today's outing.

It had been a while since I have included an update on our chickens. This cold front has made me very anxious with the chickens. They seem to be doing fine and to prove they are happy, they have been laying eggs.
Here is our chicken Tess haning in the hen house during Sunday's snow.

Our "meat chickens" are now 6.5 months old. They have not grown very big and they have not crowed yet either, so we are assuming the are hens. We decided that we could name them. I named them after a co-worker - Darla & a regular customer - Audrey.

We will try raising "meat chickens" again in the spring. I hope they are male this time because we don't really have room for any more hens unless we expand their house.


Tammy said...

OH wow!! I didn't know you raised chickens. I guess they adapt to the really cold weather like the rest of us. I will have to come back often to read more about them.

JanMary said...

Our friends raise chickens and our kids love to visit and collect their eggs.

Enjoy (?) the snow!

Beth said...

I stopped by your blog here and thought "hey... the whole snow things reminds me of my blog post"... and then I realized you're in the Portland area too! LOL! Hi there! Cute pics... and I'll be crossing my fingers for those 'male chickens' for ya! LOL!

Eve said...

I want snow SO bad, send some my way! LOL