Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another school meeting

I had the mandatory parent meeting at the Japanese immersion school today. I have to say the based on the meeting I feel much better about this program. It was much better organized. The priciple had Powerpoint presentation and everything seemed much more organized and established. I was even able to get a tour in so that I did not have to go for a seperate tour. I am a big fan of time management so this made me happy.
I have never been to a parent meeting for a private school, but this is what I would expect it to be like. The academic standards are very high. When they speak of the the kids future it is not if they go to college, but which college will they go to.
We visited the kintergarden class at the end of the school day and it was quiet, pleasant and orderly. That is a huge accomplishment and very impresive. I also saw the teacher doing a student reading evaluation and it looked like the test was close to the level that Christian is at now.
We also visited third and fifth grade Japanese class rooms. They were also very orderly and well run. I could understand about 90% of the Japanese, so my self-esteem was boosted which of course, gave a better overall feeling about the school.
They have a Japanese/English library which is also great.
I remember talking to a parent whose children attended this school many years ago when we were working on adopting Christian and she said that the school was private school quality and public school cost. I think her assesment is correct.
All the paperwork is in, now we just have to wait until we here if Christian got one of the spots in late April or early May. I am glad we have homeschooling on the table too. If he does not get in, I will probably homeschool him for kindergarten and then try to get him in for first grade.
Here is a layout I did a couple of days ago. I used Impressions of Anticipation which is the February Collab kit from Scrapbook Graphics. I also used the Ultimate Element Pack by Natalie bird and a template from Shandy Vogt's blog.

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Joann said...

Steve's and my niece went through the Japanese Immersion program and did very well. She's a sophmore in high school now and spent the past summer on an exchange in rural Japan, plus the trips she made with school. She really enjoyed it.

Love the photo of the egg! Way to go girls, keep em' comin! Maybe you're making omelletes right now!

And, of course, the spitting story...what's not to laugh at with that! People w/out kids would probably be terribly shocked!
Come see me sometime at giovanna2joann@blogspot.com Cheers, Joann