Friday, February 8, 2008

Illness, injury and disaster

We are still dealing with viruses at our house. Liam has more energy, but is still fighting the bug caught last week. Christian now has a cough. The highlight was when he coughed up some phlegm and spit into the couch (yuck). I made him clean it up and talked about correct phlegm management for future reference.
The highlight of the week is my back injury I got on Tuesday. I had spent the afternoon putting primer on the walls to get ready to paint (the perfect job for me btw, especially since we are planning to pull the carpet up) I was painting, moving furniture and so on and everything was fine. After I finished and cleaned up and was done with painting for the night I went to the boys room and was picking up Legos and snap, something went out in my back. It was starting to get better yesturday then Liam started playing with the water in the bathroom and scattered water everywhere and I stepped in it. I went to change my socks and when I bent over to pick up some dry socks there was a bigger snap and pain that equals labor pain in my back. I could barely move and my back was having spasms.
I am still in pain today, but it is a bit better and David is on the way home from the pharmacy with muscle relaxers and vicatin. To make life more brutal the power went out at the pharmacy right after David paid for the drugs, but before he actually recieved them. He now has them and I should be feeling much happier any moment now.
Now that I have discussed illness and injury, let's talk disaster.....the house is still in the same condition as it was when I finished putting primer on Tuesday. Primer is on only a few walls. Furniture is pushed to the middle of rooms and we are in a holding position. Tommorow is David's birthday and I was hoping to have a special day for him. He might have to spend the day painting the hallway and he is going to have to take a raincheck on his birthday cake (unless the drugs inspire me)
Liam also smeared primer on our ottoman. I am glad we bought the ottoman from Ikea and it has a removable cover, so we have just decided to plan on buying a new slipcover every year.
Here is a layout using Zazzle, the Elemental Scraps Feburary Team Kit. The Template is by Miracle Momma Designs from the same kit


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are having a rough week! Hopefully, it'll improve soon!
Best wishes!

5peasinapod said...

I love the layout...left you some loving at ES! Hope things will turn around for you. I will keep everyone in my prayers!

Lisa Joy said...

Sounds like a long week! Hope everyone is feeling better.

Totally Rawkin Designs said...

sending get better wishies...great layout!

Michelle said...

I saw on Facebook that you were having back problems and thought I'd leave a note here too letting you know you're in my thoughts.

And appropriate phlegm management is always important. Been doing a bit of it myself this last week. :-)