Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chicken anyone?

We had a surprise early one morning last week....Our chicken Kedra turned out to be a rooster. He crowed on a Sunday morning, then was quiet for a week, then this last Sunday, he started crowing again and on Monday, he started crowing at 3:30 am (this is the time I get up if I open at Starbucks) we did not need to get up for a couple of hours, so we were not pleased.
We were going to book an appointment for him at the butcher, but it might take a week or two to get him in and the butcher is in Boring, Oregon (yeah, laugh now) which in the foothills of Mt. Hood so we would have to deal with snow and ice if we drove out there.
David and I decided to just take care of Kedra on our own. David was hestiant, but I told him that if he got me a dead chicken, I would do the rest. After I got off from work, we changed our clothes and boiled some water, poured it in our roasting pan and got some cutting boards and the Henkels knives out. We were able to process the chicken in less then an hour and then we went on and cooked it fresh.
We did a pretty good job for the first time, but I think I am going to get a book from the library on how to process a chicken and photocopy and laminate the pages on chicken anantomy and instructions for the best cuts to make and order to get organs out. My friend Gloria called dibs on the gizzards and I got her some, I should get her more next time.
David is anxious that PETA will come knocking on our door for raising and killing our own chicken. I think it is odd that raising our own chickens is considered un-natural, but going to Safeway and buying an anti-biotic and hormone laden chicken who was raised in in-humane condtions is considered natural and okay.
Here are the photos I used You've been framed by Linday Jane to frame the photos

I used Grunglicious by Lindsay Jane Designs for this layout

I used Zazzle, the Elemental Scraps February Team kit for this layout

I used Cherry Crush and Grungilicous by Lindsay Jane....see this post and my previous post for links to store.

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Azrood said...

I was thinking when I first started reading this that there was no way I could every kill a chicken myself, then I thought well maybe if it was crowing at 3:30 in the morning, and then I saw how tasty it looked cooked and I still don't know if I could kill it, but I would certainly eat it, lol! :)