Thursday, February 28, 2008


Christian has been spittling lately (Liam has been copying him). I have tried to ask him to stop, but I keep catching him spitting. David and I talked about and decided we needed to take a non-tradional approach to this problem. We decided that next time we caught him spitting, David would take him outside and spit on him. We were in the car driving home today and I looked in the rear veiw mirror and saw Christian spitting in the back seat. At the next light, I pulled out my phone, called David and let him know we almost home and in a cryptic language explained to Daivd what happened so he could be prepared when we got home. I drove into the garage and got Liam out of the car and took him into the house and David came out and got Christian and took him outside. David said he did not have enough notice to pull a quality loogie (sp?) together so he just brought a water bottle, drank some water and spit it on Christian.
Christian was mad. David gave him a towel to dry off with and we told him that from now on he could spit as much as he liked, but everytime we caught him, David would spit in him. Christian yelled "no". I think we have found resolution for this problem.
The weather has been beautiful. We have been working in the yard getting it ready. We moved the hen house and the compost bins to the corners of the yard. We are also preparing a patch of soil to plant onion sets that I bought yesturday.
Here is a layout of Christin working in the yard. I used It's a Spring thing by Pyralis Design. I also used Oh My Mats by Melissa Bennett at Scrapbook-Bytes and Realistic Rips - Flowers by Grace Bennett

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