Saturday, February 23, 2008

sacrifice it all for the oscars

I said in my previous post that I was thinking about postponing my Ikea run until later in the weekend because the boys seemed so tired. Well, I was thinking about Sunday evening until I realized that Sunday night is the Oscars. One of my secret vices is watching award shows. It is kind of like that secret love of Ding Dongs. I missed the Golden Globes due to the writer's strike so my Award Show need is even bigger this year. So, I decided to disreguard my kid's need for rest and go to Ikea yesturday afternoon.
I bought the area rug I wanted and several frames. I still have to go back for more, but I have a good start. We bought an ottoman from Ikea last spring that has changeable covers. I thought this would be great because we could change from the current taupe to a more fun color when the turquoise carpet is gone and if the boys trashed it, it would not be a total loss. Well the slip covers cost 49.99 and now that the turqoise carpet is gone, I don't really like any of the other colors they have.
The couch and the ottoman are splotched and stained and it really bothers me, but it is not like my kids and cats are going to stop making messes just because I buy something new. So, even though these furniture pieces are less then attractive...1. They are paid for (we got the couch off the neighbors front lawn for free) and 2. they are already stained so it is not as upsetting when new stains appear.
We can wait a couple more years, have a bit more cash on hand and perhaps, the boys might get a little neater or at least have a better understanding of the phrase "food belongs in the kitchen".
I did buy a new dryer yesturday which is due for a leap year delivery. Dave Ramsey would have been proud. When the sales man tried to suggest that I buy a more expensive dryer because it was quieter, I countered with "the washer and dryer are in our garage, so I don't care how loud the are". The new dryer will work which is a huge step up from our current one which takes two or three runs to get clothes dry and it has a higher capacity. I did not go with the highest capacity since we are trying to follow the fly ladies advice and do a load a day. Dryers have a 7-10 year lifespan, so the boys will be hitting their teenage years when we have to buy the next one and that is when we will have to pull out the big guns and get a high capacity dryer and as with the couch, hopefully we will have more cash on hand.
I am working on pictures for my new frames. Here is one. I used Breath of Spring and Whispering Forest by Lindsay Jane Designs

This layout using my baby pictures and I used Grandma's Treasures by Marianne Wahlberg

My dad's birthday was yesturday. Here is a layout using some of his old navy pics. He served on the carrier Midway during the 1960s. I used Grandma's Treasures and Antique Love by Marianne Wahlberg


AfriDigiDiva said...

Fantastic layouts! I totally understand about the Award Shows. I"m a secret reality Show person.

DawnMarch said...

I love IKEA, but that place wears me out -- it's just so huge. They have really great organizational stuff, lately though!

Jeanann said...

I love Award shows myself. Glad you mentioned its tomorrow night or I might have missed it.

Robin L said...

Love the los! I dont know where or if we have a IKEA here but heard those stores rock.