Sunday, February 24, 2008

Count down to the Oscars

We are three hours and twenty minutes to the oscars. Christian and I are going to his class potluck at 4:00. I think we will hang out and eat for a while then we will excuse oursevles since "tommorow is a school day". If the hosts are cool and have the Red Carpet event playing on a TV somewhere in the house, we might be able to stay longer. If they are the kind of people who never let their kids watch TV and find award shows to be too common for them, we will have to come home.
I attempted this new recipe for the potluck and I am letting it cool, but at this point, it looks like a total bomb, so I think Safeway will be catering the event. I guess it goes with the whole theme of neglecting my kids for award shows and now I am buying my baked goods at at grocery store.
I have done a little bit of digital scrapbook shopping this week and I did a layout that hightlights a couple of my purchases....
From Scrapbook-Bytes I bought Melissa Bennet's Oh My Mats and Shellyrae's Curvy Text Paths and for the paper bag style on the title I used Misty Cato's Brown Bagging it. All three of these items are so much fun and verstile. I also used Ditital Courture's Garden Gnome and Janosch Designs Cluster Frames No. 1 for this layout and they are both at Elemental Scraps. I love this layout. I took the pictures with my cell phone the other day. I like the softness and light that I can get will cell phone photos. They often look like I applied a filter. Biscotti is Liam's vice. I said in the journaling that when we go to Starbucks he goes up to the counter and asks "gotti, gotti?" We were there a couple of weeks ago and the barista could not understand him, so Christian popped in and said, he says he wants biscotti, then he was saying something else that the barista could not understand and Christian leaned over again and said "he says he doesn't have any money".
I had a large stash of biscotti that we were given that Liam enjoyed for a while, but that just ran out, so I baked some last week.


debra said...

Love those cluster frames...and thanks for the reminder about the Oscars!

Tracey said...

Love the curvy text, very nice!! Compliments the layout very well!!

Lindsay Jane said...

Love the new blog header!