Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foot Book

For many years my friends and I have enjoyed taking "foot" shots, especially when we were travelling. I will have to get some of these old pictures of cd so I can work with them.
I have also seen some beautiful children's foot photos and decided I had to have some.
We were at a local garden last week and I asked the boys to take their shoes off and sit on a wooden bridge and then by a little waterfall. I stepped away and used my telephoto to get the shots. I was amazed at how the photos turned out. It was a cloudy day and I think that gave better lighting to the photos.
I used Lindsay Jane Designs Spring Mist for this layout

I am going to International Beauty School for a long overdue hair cut, deep conditioning and eyebrow waxing today. The benefit going to the beauty school is the price, $15.00 for all three. The draw back is that it takes so much time. One reason that I am so overdue for this is that I have to find a large block of time that I do not have school pick ups or any other plans. I bring a book and the beauty school is next door to a Starbucks (my old store) so I can get some food and caffiene when needed. It is also a couple of blocks from New Seasons, so I can run over there and look for free produce if I get caught in a big delay.
We bought a pool pass for last summer to go to local pools whenever we wanted. That "pool" hair has not hit my ends, so I am really looking forward to loping them off. My hair is the longest it has ever been now, so it is amazing that I have so few split ends.
Since I am of Sicilian/Jewish decent, my eyebrows grow in very dark and very thick. Think Micheal Dukakis.

My dream eyebrows are Halle Berry's.

A few years ago, after Halle Berry won her Oscar, I went in and asked for her eye brows. The waxer just shook her head and said eyebrows like that are genetic and I don't have the genes.
I guess is safe to say I have almost presidential eyebrows.


Jeanann said...

i love the feet pictures. i think its a great thing to scrap.

Tammy said...

I use to go to a beauty school and you are right. They are slow. But then they are learning. Now that the girl that always worked on me has left, I had to follow her and pay those higher prices. I need a brow wax too.

Amy said...

great feet pics!

DawnMarch said...

oh man, you made me spit my coffee out on my monitor with that picture of Dukakis. LOL! I went WAY to long without a cut/color this winter because it was too hard to schedule and whenever I did schedule, I'd have to cancel because of a sick kid.

Welli Designs said...

love the picture of those feet. really great shot !

Jane said...

Great feet!

I'm sorry - but how can any of you get your eyebrows waxed?? Man, that's just too much voluntary pain for my liking!

Now I had eyebrows almost as good as Dukakis, but I have trained mine to be shapely like Halle's so it is possible! I can do tweezers.. but wax? Ouchhhhhhhhhhh!!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Work with what you got! Halle's eyebrows don't have anything on yours. And you're are naturally beautiful.