Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is my first creative team layout for Designs in Digital. Everything is by Natalie Bird....Eclectic Bits & Pieces, Latte Papers, Twinkle Twinkle Stars and Ultimate Element Pack. Friday was Christian's snack day and I took some fun pictures of him playing on the playground with my telephoto (I always get the best kit pictures that way). This picture is my favorite. Christian's preschool is in an old Cathlioc School that is next to a Cathlioc Church. I have always loved the design of this church. David and I used to walk by it when we lived in that neighborhood many years ago. I have to admit that I breifly thought about attending this church just because the design was so beautiful..

We are assigned one Designer a month to do a layout for at Elemental Scraps. This month I was assigned Lucky Smith, who is one of the newer Designers there. She does such fun designs and I was thrilled to "have" to create for her. As a member of creative teams, I am glad I always keep my camera handy and snap pictures of the smallest things. I took some pictures of Liam resting and sleeping in our bed when he was sick last month and then when I went to the store to choose a kit by Lucky, I found Cootie Bugs, which was the perfect theme kit for this layout. Lucky has also been busy creating a line of "Perfs". I used the Perf Frames & Shapes. She also has an Numbers and Borders. I also used Empty Holes, Funky Mats 12x12 and Glitter Scribbles .

Washington Post ran an Opinion piece by David Kuo on Sunday. I have not had a chance to read the whole thing, but it sounds interesting, Not Your Father's Religious Right. He also spoke on Talk of the Nation on NPR yesturday and it was an interesting disscuion.


SaraMcJ said...

I love that first layout!!! The picture is great!!!

DawnMarch said...

That sounds like a fun CT -- you get a different designer each time! Great layouts!

AfriDigiDiva said...

those are just gorgeous layouts. Wow!