Friday, March 21, 2008

I got my deep conditioning and hair cut yesturday. My hairdresser, Chelsea, was doing her first "official" human hair cut. I put official in air quotes because, she said that she has cut friend's hair many times. Haven't we all cut our friend's, kid's or our own hair before.
It did take a lot time, but she was very accuarate and did a good job. My hair is getting so long that the applying the lanolin is taking much longer then it did a year ago. It is nice to be rid of the fried red ends. I can run my fingers trough my hair without them getting caught in tangles.
I went on another free fruit run at New Seasons while I was in that neighborhood and got a bunch of bannanas and a pimelo (very large grapefruit). The thing I am loving the mnost about the free fruit other then the price is that they boys are very willing to try the different fruits. It must be murphy's law that if I bought the fruit, the boys would turn their noses up, but if it is free, so it's fine.
I have also figured out that if I feed the boys later (at about 5:30 when normal people eat) instead of 4:00 when they start begging for food, they eat much better. They boys both sucked their food down yesturday and Christian was even willing to eat pesto pasta even though it had some green in it.
We are going out of town this weekend. I cleaned the car out last night (always scary). If anyone hears a news story about our van getting stranded in the woods, don't worry too much. We have enough food crumbs to eat for months. David is going to get the car vacumed today so we can trash it again tommorow.
On a scrapping note, I have been in love with boxes since I first saw them and wanting to try to work with them. I saw that Sweet Digi Scraps had a kit using boxes in the Elemental Scraps store and downloaded Remember Me Always and did a layout with it.

Here is my layout. I also used Lori and Jeany by Claudi Designs, Ultimate Element Collection by Natalie Bird, My Oh My Mats by Melissa Bennett, Brackets by ShellyRae Cuthbert, Curbside Containers by Stephanie O'neill and Grandmas Dried flowers by Weeds and Wildflowers


Amy Eileen said...

LOL at the van comment. I hear ya! We could definitely survive awhile in the car.

Your layout is gorgeous, I love the tilts on it. :) Those boxes look so fun.

Jeanann said...

have a great trip. i resemble the crumbs in the car comment.

DawnMarch said...

Love your layout -- I've been admiring all the boxes lately too but haven't given them a try yet.

I had to laugh about your cleaning the car. I always clean our before a trip too and then it's immediately messy. Why don't I think to clean it afterward so I can enjoy my clean car?

ChrissyW said...

that page is PERFECT!!! so creative and well done with the boxes!!

Gina said...

ROFL! I thought you meant your hairstylist had graduated from pet grooming!

AfriDigiDiva said...

I have been craving a full body massage for days now. Probably has something to do with me being under the weather.
That layout is fabulous.

Jane said...

Love your page! Have a good weekend trip :o)